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The Economic Development and Employer Planning System (EDEPS) is an analytical tool for business, education, workforce and economic planners. EDEPS facilitates the analysis of economic health, industry performance, population trends, labor supply and demand, training resources, income characteristics, and market potential.

    Occupational Supply Demand (OSD)

Groups of related occupations
and training programs
Standard Occupational
Classification (SOC)
Classifcation of
Instructional Programs (CIP)
Career Clusters and related
    Industry and Market Area Profiles

       Industry Trends
       Staffing Patterns: Occupational/Industry Employment Profiles
       Population Profiles and Trends

    Labor and Training Resources

       Completers of Programs of Study
       Wage Trends

    High Skill, High Wage, and High Demand Occupations

       United States   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Iowa   Nebraska   New York   Ohio   Oregon   South Carolina   Texas

    Occupational Categories, Classifications, and Groupings

       Nontraditional Occupations
       Middle Skills Occupations


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Updates  Februry 16, 2015