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Occupational Supply Demand
Unit of Analysis
1911B Clothing Production
Program(s) of Study and Training

A program that focuses on the design, development, and production of textile products and related processes and systems. Includes instruction in functional and aesthetic design, human factors research, production planning, manufacturing processes, quality assessment, and distribution systems.

A general program that focuses on the development of textile products and their distribution and use in terms of the psychological, social, economic, and physical needs of consumers. Includes instruction in the production, distribution, marketing, and end use of various apparel and textile products.

Any instructional program in apparel and textiles not listed above.

A program that focuses on the properties and processing of fibers, yarns, whole fabrics, dyes, and finishes, both natural and synthetic. Includes instruction in the chemical and physical properties of textile materials; end-use analysis; interior furnishing applications; and industrial applications.


Draw and construct sets of precision master fabric patterns or layouts. May also mark and cut fabrics and apparel.

Design, make, alter, repair, or fit garments.