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Occupational Supply Demand
Unit of Analysis
0117B Animal Husbandry
Program(s) of Study and Training

A program that prepares individuals to select, breed, care for, process, and market livestock and small farm animals. Includes instruction in basic animal science, animal nutrition, and animal health as applied to various species and breeds; design and operation of housing, feeding, and processing facilities; and related issues of safety, applicable regulations, logistics, and supply.

A program of study that prepares individuals to become specialists in equine hoof care (farriers). Includes instruction in equine science, equine health and first aid, general horseshoeing, corrective horseshoeing, gait analysis, and metal forging techniques using gas or coal.

A program that prepares individuals to manage the selection, breeding, care, and maintenance of work, athletic, and show horses; and to manage horse farms, stables, tracks and related equipment and operations. Includes instruction in applicable principles of animal science, care, and health; stable and track management; design and operation of facilities and equipment; and related issues such as regulations, business management; and logistics.


Select and breed animals according to their genealogy, characteristics, and offspring. May require knowledge of artificial insemination techniques and equipment use. May involve keeping records on heats, birth intervals, or pedigree. Excludes “Animal Scie