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Occupational Supply Demand
Units of Analysis
5218A Accounting
5212B Actuarial Science
1317B Adult and Continuing Education
0912B Advertising/Public Relations
1411A Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering
1511A Aerospace Technology
1412A Agricultural Engineering
0111B Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operation
0113B Agricultural Services and Supplies
0114B Agricultural/Food Sciences
4711A Air Conditioning/Heating Installation/Repair
4916A Air Traffic Control
4719A Aircraft Mechanics
4915A Airplane Piloting
1425A All Other Engineering
1512A All Other Engineering Technology
5113A All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
5149A All Other Therapy
0118B Animal Grooming
0117B Animal Husbandry
0119B Animal Training
4517B Anthropology and Archeology
4714B Appliance/Equipment Repair
0411A Architecture
5012A Archival Science
0511C Area Studies
5019B Arts and Crafts
5160A Athletic Training
4013A Atmospheric/Space Science
4722B Automobile Body Repair
4718A Automobile Mechanics
1217B Baking
5225B Banking and Financial Support Services
1211A Barbering/Cosmetology
1215B Bartending
4726B Bicycle Repair
1426A Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
4113A Biological Technology
2611A Biological/Life Science
4612B Blasting
4818B Boilermaking
5222B Bookkeeping
4627B Building and Construction Inspection
1292C Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Workers
4611B Building Maintenance
5215B Business Management and Administration
5136A Cardiology Technology
4615A Carpentry
4621B Carpet, Flooring, and Tile Work
1218B Chef
1413A Chemical Engineering
4111A Chemical Technology
4014A Chemistry
1913B Child Care
5133A Chiropractic
1414A Civil Engineering
1519B Civil Engineering Technology
3912B Clergy/Religious Workers
5221B Clerical Supervision and Management
1911B Clothing Production
4712A Communication Electronics
1011B Communication Technologies
0911B Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
5156B Community Health Work
1415A Computer Engineering
1114B Computer Processing
1111B Computer Systems
4622B Concrete Finishing
4911B Construction and Heavy Equipment Operation
5217B Construction Management
5166A Counseling
2212A Court Reporting
5011B Dance
5224B Data Entry
5157B Dental Assisting
5135A Dental Hygiene
5144B Dental Laboratory
5119A Dentistry
5017B Design
1014B Desktop Publishing Equipment Operation
5145A Diagnostic Medical Sonography
4724B Diesel Engine Repair
1914A Dietetics/Nutrition
4515A Digital Graphics
4914B Diving
1518A Drafting
5015B Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
4620B Drilling
4623B Drywall
4015A Earth Science
4513A Economics
1319C Education
1311A Educational Administration
4614A Electrical
1417A Electrical/Electronic Engineering
4713A Electrical/Electronic Machine Production/Repair
1517A Electrical/Electronic Technology
1521B Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
1313A Elementary Education
5130A Emergency Care Attendant
4312B Emergency Management
5140A Emergency Medical Technology
4727B Engine Machinist
0311A Environmental Science
1513A Environmental Technology
1416A Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering
3113A Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
1912B Family and Consumer Sciences
0112B Farming
5013A Fashion Design
5232A Finance and Financial Management Services
5219B Financial Planning
4314B Fire Safety
0312B Fishing
4919B Flight Attending
0116B Floristry
1214B Food Preparation
5214B Food Service and Lodging Management
1216B Food Serving
1612C Foreign Languages and Literatures
0313B Forestry and Conservation
4922A Forklift Materials Moving Operators
1212B Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
5234B Gaming Management
0115B Garden and Landscaping Services
4616B General Construction
5138A Genetic Counseling
4518B Geography
4624B Glazier
1525A Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Technology
3112B Health, Physical Education and Fitness
4720B Heavy Equipment Repair
5411B History
5155B Home Health Assisting
5216B Human Resources Management
1422A Industrial Engineering
4721B Industrial Machinery Repair
1514A Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
1315B Instructional Design
4625B Insulation
5230B Insurance
5016B Interior Design
1611A Interpreter/Translator
4819B Ironworking
4716A Jewelry and Watch Repair
0412A Landscape Architecture
4311B Law Enforcement
2213A Legal Assisting
2214A Legal Secretarial
2211A Legal Services
2411C Liberal Arts and Humanities
2511B Library Assisting
2511A Library Science
5211B Line Supervision
5159A LPN
5122A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
1421A Marine Engineering/Naval Architecture
5235B Marketing Management and Research
4613A Masonry and Tile Setting
5165A Massage
1418A Materials Engineering
4011A Materials Science
2711A Mathematics
1219B Meat Cutting and Butchering
1419A Mechanical Engineering
1515A Mechanical Engineering Technology
5128A Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
5158A Medical Assisting
1522B Medical Equipment Repair
5137A Medical Laboratory Technician
5117A Medical Office and Clerical
5142A Medical Radiologic Technology
5120A Medical Records
2612A Medical Science
5114B Medical Services Management
5115A Medical Transcription
6011A Medicine
5233A Meeting and Event Planning
4814B Metal Fabrication
4811B Metal/Plastic Machine Work
1420A Mining Engineering
1516A Mining/ Petroleum Technology
4893C Miscellaneous Apparel and Textile Processing Workers
5018B Miscellaneous Arts Programs
4891C Miscellaneous Assemblers
5293C Miscellaneous Clerical and Admin Support Occupations
4691C Miscellaneous Construction and Extraction Workers
0191C Miscellaneous Farm, Forestry and Conservation Workers
1291C Miscellaneous Food Preparation and Serving Workers
4892C Miscellaneous Food Processing Workers
5191C Miscellaneous Health Care Workers
5161A Miscellaneous Health Services
4791C Miscellaneous Installation, Maintenance and Repair Workers
5291C Miscellaneous Management and Management Support Occupations
4994C Miscellaneous Material Moving Workers
4717C Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers Programs
5131C Miscellaneous Medical Programs
1293C Miscellaneous Personal Service Workers
4895C Miscellaneous Production Workers
4896C Miscellaneous Production-Related Programs
1391C Miscellaneous Professional Occupations
4391C Miscellaneous Protective Service Workers
1392C Miscellaneous Recreation and Entertainment Workers
5292C Miscellaneous Retail Workers
4913C Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
4991C Miscellaneous Transportation Workers
4894C Miscellaneous Utility Operators
5226B Modeling
4723A Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair
3011C Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
5020B Music
4715A Musical Instrument Repair
1423A Nuclear Engineering
5141A Nuclear Medical Technology
4114A Nuclear/Radiologic Technology
5132A Nurse Anesthetist
5154B Nurse Assisting
5123A Nursing
1520A Occupational Safety and Health
5150A Occupational Therapy
5146A Occupational Therapy Assisting
5223B Office Clerical
5126B Ophthalmic and Optometric Support
5164A Optical Dispensing
5112A Optical Technology
5125A Optometry
4016A Other Physical Sciences
4617A Painting/ Wallpapering
3111B Parks, Recreation and Fitness
1424A Petroleum Engineering
5163B Pharmacy
5162A Pharmacy Support
3811C Philosophy and Religion
5167A Phlebotomy
5014B Photography
5151A Physical Therapy
5147A Physical Therapy Assisting
5121A Physician Assisting
4012A Physics/Astronomy
4618A Plumbing
5127A Podiatry
4519B Political Science
4619A Power Line Installation and Repair
1314A Preschool Education
1012B Printing
1013B Printing Press Operation
5153B Psychiatric Assisting
4211A Psychology
4413B Public Administration
5229B Purchasing
1524B Quality Control/Inspection
5213B Quantitative Business Analysis
4920B Railroad and Railway Transportation
5227A Real Estate
5152B Recreational Therapy
4728B Recreational Vehicle Service
5124B Rehabilitation Assisting
5134A Rehabilitation Counseling
3911B Religious Education
5148A Respiratory Therapy
4626B Roofing
5228B Sales
4112A Science Technologies
1318B Secondary and Career/Technical Education
5220A Secretarial
4313B Security Services
4816B Shoe and Leather Work and Repair
4725B Small Engine/Systems Repair
4514B Social Science, General
4411B Social Services
4412A Social Work
4516B Sociology
1312A Special Education
5116A Speech Pathology/Audiology
1320A Student Counseling
5143A Surgical Technology
4511A Surveying/Cartography
1316B Teaching Assisting
4813B Tool and Die Making
4921B Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
5231B Travel and Tourism Services
4912B Truck and Bus Driving
4815B Upholstering
0413A Urban/Regional Planning
5139A Veterinary Assisting/Technology
5129A Veterinary Medicine
1523B Water and Waste Treatment
4917B Water Transportation
4812A Welding/Soldering
4817B Woodworking