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Occupational Supply Demand
Programs of Study and Training
CompletersMost Freq. Award
CIP CodeCIP TitleNumber 2016Change 2012-16Title 2016Number 2016Unit of Analysis
52.0301Accounting81,760     8.3%     Bachelor's52,373      Accounting
52.0305Accounting and Business/Management2,422     23.3%     Bachelor's1,522      Accounting
30.1601Accounting and Computer Science62     51.2%     Award < 1 yr26      Accounting
52.0304Accounting and Finance1,734     57.6%     Master's930      Accounting
52.0399Accounting and Related Services, Other893     -44.6%     Master's240      Accounting
52.0302Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping21,242     3.7%     Award < 1 yr8,800      Bookkeeping
40.0809Acoustics34     -10.5%     Master's23      Physics/Astronomy
50.0506Acting1,803     16.5%     Bachelor's833      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
52.1304Actuarial Science1,729     35.9%     Bachelor's1,252      Actuarial Science
51.3301Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine1,679     10.8%     Master's1,376      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
13.0402Administration of Special Education149     101.4%     Master's74      Educational Administration
52.0401Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General10,879     -15.5%     Associate's4,400      Secretarial
13.0403Adult and Continuing Education Administration625     158.3%     Master's551      Educational Administration
13.1201Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching1,468     -0.4%     Master's1,095      Adult and Continuing Education
19.0702Adult Development and Aging496     63.7%     Master's152      Family and Consumer Sciences
51.3803Adult Health Nurse/Nursing2,278     135.6%     Master's1,531      Nursing
13.1502Adult Literacy Tutor/Instructor17     -43.3%     Master's11      Adult and Continuing Education
51.0502Advanced General Dentistry145     -33.5%     Post-mast cert132      Dentistry
22.0201Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General2,199     39.2%     Master's1,976      Legal Services
51.0599Advanced/Graduate Dentistry and Oral Sciences, Other123     17.1%     Master's67      Dentistry
09.0903Advertising5,604     -2.8%     Bachelor's4,750      Advertising/Public Relations
15.0801Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Technology/Technician889     100.7%     Award 2 to < 4 yr450      Aerospace Technology
49.0101Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, General3,260     -6.8%     Bachelor's2,192      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
14.0201Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering5,787     8.3%     Bachelor's3,877      Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering
12.0409Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist15,921     28.3%     Award < 1 yr13,923      Barbering/Cosmetology
16.0201African Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics9     0.0%     Bachelor's5      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0101African Studies170     6.9%     Bachelor's77      Area Studies
05.0201African-American/Black Studies764     -16.4%     Bachelor's653      Area Studies
01.0102Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations2,578     38.1%     Bachelor's1,980      Farming
01.0599Agricultural and Domestic Animal Services, Other37     19.4%     Associate's23      Agricultural Services and Supplies
01.0801Agricultural and Extension Education Services168     48.7%     Master's79      Family and Consumer Sciences
01.0401Agricultural and Food Products Processing149     -6.3%     Bachelor's98      Agricultural Services and Supplies
01.1104Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding52     -5.5%     Master's29      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0902Agricultural Animal Breeding12     -33.3%     Master's7      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0101Agricultural Business and Management, General1,952     20.0%     Bachelor's950      Farming
01.0199Agricultural Business and Management, Other135     39.2%     Bachelor's88      Farming
01.0106Agricultural Business Technology111     40.5%     Award < 1 yr49      Office Clerical
01.0802Agricultural Communication/Journalism411     7.3%     Bachelor's387      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
01.0103Agricultural Economics2,149     4.7%     Bachelor's1,530      Economics
14.0301Agricultural Engineering1,555     13.0%     Bachelor's1,109      Agricultural Engineering
01.0205Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology681     59.1%     Associate's369      Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operation
01.0201Agricultural Mechanization, General537     27.6%     Bachelor's360      Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operation
01.0299Agricultural Mechanization, Other27     -55.0%     Bachelor's21      Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operation
01.0204Agricultural Power Machinery Operation170     1.2%     Associate's92      Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operation
01.0301Agricultural Production Operations, General721     27.2%     Associate's467      Farming
01.0399Agricultural Production Operations, Other22     340.0%     Associate's15      Farming
01.0899Agricultural Public Services, Other84     -4.5%     Bachelor's77      Family and Consumer Sciences
13.1301Agricultural Teacher Education888     -13.1%     Bachelor's601      Secondary and Vocational Education
01.0105Agricultural/Farm Supplies Retailing and Wholesaling304     -13.9%     Associate's162      Agricultural Services and Supplies
01.9999Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences, Other495     32.7%     Bachelor's326      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0000Agriculture, General3,233     24.8%     Bachelor's2,170      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0308Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture412     472.2%     Bachelor's181      Farming
01.1102Agronomy and Crop Science1,082     31.3%     Bachelor's690      Agricultural/Food Sciences
49.0105Air Traffic Controller503     -55.3%     Associate's230      Air Traffic Control
49.0199Air Transportation, Other389     301.0%     Award < 1 yr227      Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
47.0608Aircraft Powerplant Technology/Technician2,778     61.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr1,169      Aircraft Mechanics
47.0607Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology/Technician5,135     -10.0%     Award 2 to < 4 yr1,914      Aircraft Mechanics
49.0106Airline Flight Attendant54     -86.6%     Award < 1 yr35      Flight Attending
49.0102Airline/Commercial/Professional Pilot and Flight Crew1,981     -34.9%     Bachelor's894      Airplane Piloting
27.0102Algebra and Number Theory2     N/A     Associate's2      Mathematics
51.0899Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services, Other3,562     -50.8%     Award < 1 yr1,651      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.0999Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions, Other1,859     21.7%     Award < 1 yr812      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.3499Alternative and Complementary Medical Support Services, Other74     131.3%     Post-bach cert40      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.3300Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems, General250     -23.1%     Award < 1 yr88      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
51.3399Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems, Other207     99.0%     Bachelor's155      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
47.0614Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technology/Technician142     167.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr76      Automobile Mechanics
54.0102American History (United States)99     -46.5%     Bachelor's50      History
45.1002American Government and Politics (United States)365     -6.4%     Master's188      Political Science
16.1001American Indian/Native American Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics44     193.3%     Award < 1 yr13      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0202American Indian/Native American Studies503     22.4%     Bachelor's244      Area Studies
23.1402American Literature (United States)27     -58.5%     Bachelor's22      Liberal Arts and Humanities
16.1601American Sign Language (ASL)585     39.3%     Associate's203      Interpreter/Translator
16.1699American Sign Language, Other12     N/A     Bachelor's11      Interpreter/Translator
05.0102American/United States Studies/Civilization1,586     -18.4%     Bachelor's1,099      Area Studies
22.0203American/US Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence459     52.0%     Master's371      Legal Services
27.0103Analysis and Functional Analysis2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Mathematics
40.0502Analytical Chemistry33     -28.3%     Master's23      Chemistry
26.0403Anatomy653     9.7%     Bachelor's414      Biological/Life Science
16.1103Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics47     -31.9%     Bachelor's22      Foreign Languages and Literatures
30.2201Ancient Studies/Civilization108     -15.6%     Bachelor's86      History
16.1202Ancient/Classical Greek Language and Literature16     -71.4%     Bachelor's16      Foreign Languages and Literatures
51.0809Anesthesiologist Assistant262     39.4%     Master's194      Medical Assisting
26.0708Animal Behavior and Ethology132     131.6%     Bachelor's110      Biological/Life Science
26.0804Animal Genetics72     -7.7%     Doctor's research32      Biological/Life Science
01.0903Animal Health37     -2.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr22      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0904Animal Nutrition3     0.0%     Doctor's research3      Agricultural/Food Sciences
26.0707Animal Physiology214     16.9%     Bachelor's103      Biological/Life Science
01.0901Animal Sciences, General6,363     18.0%     Bachelor's5,654      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0999Animal Sciences, Other152     -1.9%     Associate's89      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.0505Animal Training100     58.7%     Associate's49      Animal Training
01.0302Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production607     0.5%     Associate's240      Animal Husbandry
51.2313Animal-Assisted Therapy39     225.0%     Bachelor's25      All Other Therapy
10.0304Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects4,372     15.8%     Bachelor's2,242      Digital Graphics
45.0201Anthropology11,327     -11.6%     Bachelor's8,961      Anthropology and Archeology
45.0299Anthropology, Other88     -38.0%     Bachelor's53      Anthropology and Archeology
52.1904Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations102     -90.5%     Bachelor's34      Sales
19.0902Apparel and Textile Manufacture265     -2.6%     Award < 1 yr73      Clothing Production
19.0905Apparel and Textile Marketing Management769     12.8%     Bachelor's380      Marketing Management and Research
19.0901Apparel and Textiles, General2,039     -5.1%     Bachelor's1,874      Clothing Production
19.0999Apparel and Textiles, Other43     -45.6%     Award < 1 yr30      Clothing Production
47.0106Appliance Installation and Repair Technology/Technician183     71.0%     Award < 1 yr105      Appliance/Equipment Repair
38.0104Applied and Professional Ethics52     -8.8%     Bachelor's23      Philosophy and Religion
42.2814Applied Behavior Analysis1,247     248.3%     Master's800      Psychology
45.0602Applied Economics773     33.0%     Bachelor's395      Economics
01.0699Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Business Services, Other96     -37.7%     Associate's43      Garden and Landscaping Services
01.0601Applied Horticulture/Horticulture Operations, General2,125     2.0%     Award < 1 yr900      Garden and Landscaping Services
16.0105Applied Linguistics81     224.0%     Bachelor's40      Foreign Languages and Literatures
27.0301Applied Mathematics, General3,314     42.0%     Bachelor's2,077      Mathematics
27.0399Applied Mathematics, Other225     -26.9%     Bachelor's187      Mathematics
42.2813Applied Psychology1,051     17.6%     Bachelor's740      Psychology
01.0303Aquaculture180     5.3%     Bachelor's55      Farming
26.1304Aquatic Biology/Limnology95     13.1%     Bachelor's81      Biological/Life Science
16.1101Arabic Language and Literature295     39.8%     Bachelor's155      Foreign Languages and Literatures
45.0301Archeology285     -17.9%     Bachelor's195      Anthropology and Archeology
04.0902Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology730     314.8%     Master's421      Architecture
15.1303Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD1,228     -17.8%     Associate's623      Drafting
14.0401Architectural Engineering932     -4.0%     Bachelor's659      All Other Engineering
15.0101Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician1,271     -24.9%     Associate's614      All Other Engineering Technology
04.0801Architectural History and Criticism, General107     -10.8%     Bachelor's60      Architecture
04.0999Architectural Sciences and Technology, Other0     -100.0%     Master's0      Architecture
04.0901Architectural Technology/Technician785     -3.0%     Associate's345      Architecture
04.0201Architecture10,034     -7.4%     Bachelor's5,716      Architecture
04.9999Architecture and Related Services, Other310     -21.9%     Bachelor's152      Architecture
25.0103Archives/Archival Administration168     205.5%     Master's117      Library Science
05.0199Area Studies, Other827     -24.2%     Bachelor's690      Area Studies
51.3701Aromatherapy6     N/A     Award < 1 yr6      All Other Therapy
50.0703Art History, Criticism and Conservation3,843     -19.6%     Bachelor's2,623      Archival Science
13.1302Art Teacher Education1,846     -30.9%     Bachelor's940      Secondary and Vocational Education
51.2301Art Therapy/Therapist776     28.9%     Master's547      All Other Therapy
50.0701Art/Art Studies, General14,115     -28.1%     Bachelor's11,263      Arts and Crafts
11.0102Artificial Intelligence162     65.3%     Master's127      Computer Systems
50.1001Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, General1,256     245.1%     Master's595      Business Management and Administration
50.1099Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, Other84     236.0%     Bachelor's45      Business Management and Administration
51.3502Asian Bodywork Therapy89     -32.6%     Associate's57      Massage
54.0106Asian History3     0.0%     Bachelor's3      History
05.0103Asian Studies/Civilization932     -2.2%     Bachelor's740      Area Studies
05.0206Asian-American Studies112     -29.6%     Bachelor's97      Area Studies
51.2312Assistive/Augmentative Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering60     500.0%     Master's34      Optical Technology
40.0201Astronomy444     3.3%     Bachelor's243      Physics/Astronomy
40.0299Astronomy and Astrophysics, Other59     5.4%     Bachelor's35      Physics/Astronomy
40.0202Astrophysics243     22.7%     Bachelor's171      Physics/Astronomy
51.0913Athletic Training/Trainer5,182     16.5%     Bachelor's3,943      Athletic Training
40.0402Atmospheric Chemistry and Climatology3     N/A     Bachelor's3      Atmospheric/Space Science
40.0403Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics2     100.0%     Doctor's research2      Atmospheric/Space Science
40.0401Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, General877     0.2%     Bachelor's501      Atmospheric/Space Science
40.0499Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Other27     17.4%     Bachelor's24      Atmospheric/Space Science
40.0802Atomic/Molecular Physics31     -13.9%     Master's21      Physics/Astronomy
52.1901Auctioneering11     0.0%     Award < 1 yr11      Sales
51.0202Audiology/Audiologist1,025     0.8%     Doctor's prof prac502      Speech Pathology/Audiology
51.0204Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist7,807     12.4%     Bachelor's4,646      Speech Pathology/Audiology
10.0299Audiovisual Communications Technologies/Technicians, Other373     -13.1%     Award 1 to < 2 yr163      Communication Technologies
52.0303Auditing176     60.0%     Master's87      Accounting
47.0603Autobody/Collision and Repair Technology/Technician5,791     -21.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr2,723      Automobile Body Repair
15.0406Automation Engineer Technology/Technician625     209.4%     Associate's311      Electrical/Electronic Technology
47.0604Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician38,829     0.1%     Award < 1 yr14,828      Automobile Mechanics
15.0803Automotive Engineering Technology/Technician1,236     -52.1%     Associate's417      Automobile Mechanics
49.0104Aviation/Airway Management and Operations1,383     -18.1%     Bachelor's755      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
47.0609Avionics Maintenance Technology/Technician623     -22.9%     Associate's363      Aircraft Mechanics
51.3305Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda44     633.3%     Award < 1 yr28      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
12.0501Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef7,821     1.0%     Associate's3,455      Baking
50.0302Ballet45     66.7%     Bachelor's44      Dance
52.0803Banking and Financial Support Services918     -30.0%     Bachelor's435      Banking and Financial Support Services
22.0205Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law333     41.7%     Master's277      Legal Services
12.0402Barbering/Barber7,506     13.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr6,177      Barbering/Cosmetology
12.0502Bartending/Bartender503     -68.5%     Award < 1 yr503      Bartending
51.2212Behavioral Aspects of Health286     262.0%     Bachelor's170      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
30.1701Behavioral Sciences6,191     275.7%     Bachelor's4,653      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
39.0201Bible/Biblical Studies4,182     -16.8%     Bachelor's2,425      Religious Education
13.0201Bilingual and Multilingual Education1,010     -24.3%     Master's478      Education
13.0299Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education, Other325     206.6%     Post-bach cert130      Adult and Continuing Education
14.4301Biochemical Engineering98     84.9%     Bachelor's79      All Other Engineering
26.0202Biochemistry9,283     25.6%     Bachelor's8,468      Biological/Life Science
26.0210Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1,132     27.6%     Bachelor's909      Biological/Life Science
26.0299Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Other240     0.0%     Bachelor's212      Biological/Life Science
14.0501Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering10,016     38.9%     Bachelor's6,531      Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
51.3201Bioethics/Medical Ethics457     51.8%     Master's279      Philosophy and Religion
26.1103Bioinformatics683     14.4%     Master's315      Computer Systems
26.9999Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other3,213     26.5%     Bachelor's1,425      Biological/Life Science
30.0101Biological and Physical Sciences26,362     42.4%     Associate's23,261      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
14.4501Biological/Biosystems Engineering327     181.9%     Bachelor's284      All Other Engineering
13.1322Biology Teacher Education704     -16.9%     Bachelor's369      Secondary and Vocational Education
41.0101Biology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician777     15.1%     Associate's400      Biological Technology
26.0101Biology/Biological Sciences, General83,366     14.2%     Bachelor's74,196      Biological/Life Science
26.1199Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, Other122     238.9%     Master's76      Mathematics
26.0102Biomedical Sciences, General6,740     65.9%     Bachelor's3,948      Medical Science
15.0401Biomedical Technology/Technician1,357     10.5%     Associate's752      Medical Equipment Repair
26.1101Biometry/Biometrics79     41.1%     Bachelor's30      Biological/Life Science
26.0203Biophysics264     1.5%     Bachelor's136      Biological/Life Science
30.1001Biopsychology179     -9.6%     Bachelor's170      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
26.1102Biostatistics919     53.9%     Master's643      Mathematics
26.1201Biotechnology3,344     42.8%     Master's1,335      Biological/Life Science
46.0505Blasting/Blaster2     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr1      Blasting
51.1001Blood Bank Technology Specialist151     -80.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr105      Medical Laboratory Technician
48.0801Boilermaking/Boilermaker33     -29.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr20      Boilermaking
16.0408Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian Languages and Literatures0     N/A     Award < 1 yr0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
26.0301Botany/Plant Biology412     4.3%     Bachelor's211      Biological/Life Science
26.0399Botany/Plant Biology, Other26     -29.7%     Master's12      Biological/Life Science
50.0914Brass Instruments103     94.3%     Master's58      Music
09.0402Broadcast Journalism1,109     -12.5%     Bachelor's960      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
38.0202Buddhist Studies1     -66.7%     Doctor's research1      Philosophy and Religion
46.0415Building Construction Technology1,037     27.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr428      Building and Construction Inspection
46.0499Building/Construction Finishing, Management, and Inspection, Other614     -16.3%     Associate's309      General Construction
46.0412Building/Construction Site Management/Manager498     1.4%     Associate's239      Line Supervision
46.0403Building/Home/Construction Inspection/Inspector225     -42.7%     Award < 1 yr106      Building and Construction Inspection
46.0401Building/Property Maintenance1,714     -41.9%     Award < 1 yr984      Building Maintenance
52.0201Business Administration and Management, General321,188     13.8%     Bachelor's136,257      Business Management and Administration
52.0299Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other17,558     8.1%     Bachelor's9,880      Business Management and Administration
52.1908Business and Personal/Financial Services Marketing Operations590     -33.9%     Award < 1 yr564      Financial Planning
19.0201Business Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences163     -15.1%     Bachelor's152      Family and Consumer Sciences
47.0102Business Machine Repair0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Electrical/Electronic Machine Production/Repair
52.0499Business Operations Support and Secretarial Services, Other778     -62.3%     Associate's415      Secretarial
52.1302Business Statistics921     631.0%     Master's488      Mathematics
13.1303Business Teacher Education283     -48.3%     Bachelor's159      Secondary and Vocational Education
52.9999Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other6,344     -3.5%     Bachelor's3,399      Business Management and Administration
52.0101Business/Commerce, General56,951     -2.5%     Bachelor's24,322      Business Management and Administration
52.0501Business/Corporate Communications1,011     27.3%     Bachelor's891      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
52.0601Business/Managerial Economics5,700     0.8%     Bachelor's5,258      Economics
52.0407Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data Entry2,873     -2.0%     Award < 1 yr1,779      Data Entry
48.0703Cabinetmaking and Millwork601     0.0%     Award < 1 yr286      Woodworking
15.1302CAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/Technician2,325     -50.8%     Award < 1 yr1,182      Drafting
05.0115Canadian Studies2     N/A     Bachelor's1      Area Studies
51.0915Cardiopulmonary Technology/Technologist38     660.0%     Associate's26      Cardiology Technology
26.0907Cardiovascular Science51     -21.5%     Associate's33      Medical Science
51.0901Cardiovascular Technology/Technologist1,234     -40.9%     Associate's655      Cardiology Technology
46.0201Carpentry/Carpenter3,740     5.1%     Award < 1 yr1,744      Carpentry
46.0413Carpet, Floor, and Tile Worker0     N/A     Associate's0      Carpet, Flooring, and Tile Work
52.0908Casino Management34     1600.0%     Associate's21      Gaming Management
26.0407Cell Biology and Anatomy95     97.9%     Doctor's research58      Biological/Life Science
26.0903Cell Physiology57     111.1%     Master's34      Medical Science
26.0406Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology3,184     20.9%     Bachelor's2,516      Biological/Life Science
26.0499Cell/Cellular Biology and Anatomical Sciences, Other424     26.9%     Master's136      Biological/Life Science
26.0401Cell/Cellular Biology and Histology615     -14.3%     Bachelor's437      Biological/Life Science
16.1301Celtic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics8     100.0%     Bachelor's4      Foreign Languages and Literatures
50.0711Ceramic Arts and Ceramics258     -9.5%     Bachelor's175      Arts and Crafts
14.0601Ceramic Sciences and Engineering114     32.6%     Bachelor's84      Materials Engineering
14.0702Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering210     233.3%     Bachelor's159      Chemical Engineering
14.0701Chemical Engineering12,601     34.7%     Bachelor's9,867      Chemical Engineering
15.0615Chemical Engineering Technology/Technician11     10.0%     Award < 1 yr9      All Other Engineering Technology
14.0799Chemical Engineering, Other23     475.0%     Master's16      Chemical Engineering
40.0508Chemical Physics62     87.9%     Bachelor's30      Chemistry
41.0303Chemical Process Technology133     51.1%     Award < 1 yr107      Chemical Technology
41.0301Chemical Technology/Technician2,727     130.1%     Associate's1,323      Chemical Technology
13.1323Chemistry Teacher Education175     -8.9%     Bachelor's85      Secondary and Vocational Education
40.0501Chemistry, General20,107     9.1%     Bachelor's14,031      Chemistry
40.0599Chemistry, Other529     -8.2%     Bachelor's459      Chemistry
19.0708Child Care and Support Services Management4,420     -2.8%     Associate's1,972      Preschool Education
19.0709Child Care Provider/Assistant18,663     19.5%     Award < 1 yr11,157      Child Care
19.0706Child Development4,433     7.3%     Bachelor's1,746      Family and Consumer Sciences
25.0102Children and Youth Library Services26     N/A     Master's16      Library Science
23.1405Children's and Adolescent Literature77     26.2%     Award < 1 yr52      Liberal Arts and Humanities
16.0301Chinese Language and Literature588     2.4%     Bachelor's482      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0123Chinese Studies60     -27.7%     Bachelor's46      Area Studies
51.0101Chiropractic2,418     -3.1%     Doctor's prof prac2,418      Chiropractic
51.0813Chiropractic Assistant/Technician37     68.2%     Award < 1 yr17      Medical Assisting
38.0203Christian Studies691     -13.6%     Bachelor's464      Philosophy and Religion
50.0602Cinematography and Film/Video Production7,925     2.1%     Bachelor's4,646      Communication Technologies
04.0301City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning3,090     -10.0%     Master's2,156      Urban/Regional Planning
15.1304Civil Drafting and Civil Engineering CAD/CADD125     -20.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr55      Drafting
15.0201Civil Engineering Technology/Technician1,437     -21.8%     Associate's844      Civil Engineering Technology
14.0801Civil Engineering, General19,531     5.5%     Bachelor's13,188      Civil Engineering
14.0899Civil Engineering, Other53     15.2%     Bachelor's21      Civil Engineering
30.2202Classical, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology108     -18.8%     Bachelor's93      History
16.1200Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General1,199     -22.0%     Bachelor's889      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.1299Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other42     23.5%     Bachelor's26      Foreign Languages and Literatures
51.2006Clinical and Industrial Drug Development187     2.2%     Master's132      Pharmacy
42.2807Clinical Child Psychology114     32.6%     Post-mast cert46      Psychology
51.1005Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist3,666     16.0%     Bachelor's3,014      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
51.3820Clinical Nurse Leader352     13.2%     Master's328      Nursing
51.3813Clinical Nurse Specialist464     26.1%     Master's426      Nursing
51.3102Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist680     136.1%     Master's452      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.1506Clinical Pastoral Counseling/Patient Counseling213     108.8%     Master's117      Counseling
42.2801Clinical Psychology5,587     10.0%     Master's2,675      Psychology
51.0719Clinical Research Coordinator224     -2.6%     Master's97      Medical Services Management
42.2899Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology, Other347     -50.8%     Master's233      Psychology
51.2008Clinical, Hospital, and Managed Care Pharmacy26     333.3%     Associate's10      Pharmacy
51.0802Clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant552     -66.6%     Award < 1 yr247      Medical Laboratory Technician
51.1099Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science and Allied Professions, Other771     53.6%     Bachelor's361      Medical Laboratory Technician
51.1004Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician4,365     17.2%     Associate's2,942      Medical Laboratory Technician
51.1503Clinical/Medical Social Work1,176     38.5%     Master's721      Social Work
42.2701Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics158     81.6%     Bachelor's94      Psychology
30.2501Cognitive Science1,213     88.6%     Bachelor's1,051      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
13.1102College Student Counseling and Personnel Services1,158     3.0%     Master's1,022      Student Counseling
50.0402Commercial and Advertising Art4,543     -18.6%     Associate's1,954      Design
50.0406Commercial Photography2,117     17.3%     Associate's849      Photography
05.0121Commonwealth Studies3     N/A     Award < 1 yr3      Area Studies
09.0199Communication and Media Studies, Other2,608     2.0%     Bachelor's1,706      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.0299Communication Disorders Sciences and Services, Other222     -2.2%     Bachelor's108      Speech Pathology/Audiology
51.0201Communication Sciences and Disorders, General6,859     16.0%     Bachelor's4,917      Speech Pathology/Audiology
09.0100Communication, General10,126     47.8%     Bachelor's9,041      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
09.9999Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other2,330     -6.7%     Bachelor's1,446      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
47.0103Communications Systems Installation and Repair Technology465     9.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr180      Communication Electronics
10.9999Communications Technologies/Technicians and Support Services, Other348     -30.7%     Bachelor's174      Communication Technologies
10.0105Communications Technology/Technician577     17.5%     Award < 1 yr216      Communication Technologies
13.0407Community College Education180     95.7%     Doctor's research70      Educational Administration
51.2208Community Health and Preventive Medicine1,911     49.3%     Bachelor's1,531      Community Health Work
51.1504Community Health Services/Liaison/Counseling2,773     71.1%     Bachelor's1,413      Community Health Work
44.0201Community Organization and Advocacy3,199     -27.0%     Bachelor's1,745      Social Services
42.2802Community Psychology735     -4.8%     Bachelor's449      Psychology
51.2509Comparative and Laboratory Animal Medicine38     58.3%     Master's37      Veterinary Medicine
22.0206Comparative Law64     3.2%     Master's56      Legal Services
16.0104Comparative Literature1,023     -5.7%     Bachelor's713      Liberal Arts and Humanities
42.2702Comparative Psychology17     240.0%     Master's17      Psychology
27.0304Computational and Applied Mathematics278     141.7%     Bachelor's137      Mathematics
26.1104Computational Biology116     169.8%     Bachelor's52      Biological/Life Science
27.0303Computational Mathematics218     83.2%     Bachelor's167      Mathematics
30.3001Computational Science208     447.4%     Master's167      Mathematics
11.9999Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other1,667     -39.4%     Associate's367      Computer Systems
11.0199Computer and Information Sciences, Other712     117.7%     Bachelor's358      Computer Systems
11.0101Computer and Information Sciences, General38,107     63.2%     Bachelor's16,559      Computer Systems
11.1003Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance9,711     63.7%     Bachelor's3,173      Computer Systems
15.1299Computer Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other124     148.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr44      Electrical/Electronic Technology
15.1201Computer Engineering Technology/Technician1,482     -4.4%     Associate's623      Electrical/Electronic Technology
14.0901Computer Engineering, General9,899     51.9%     Bachelor's6,490      Computer Engineering
14.0999Computer Engineering, Other153     159.3%     Master's76      Computer Engineering
11.0803Computer Graphics2,566     -6.5%     Bachelor's922      Digital Graphics
14.0902Computer Hardware Engineering114     -19.7%     Master's109      Computer Engineering
15.1203Computer Hardware Technology/Technician47     23.7%     Award < 1 yr40      Electrical/Electronic Technology
47.0104Computer Installation and Repair Technology/Technician3,485     5.5%     Award < 1 yr1,954      Electrical/Electronic Machine Production/Repair
48.0510Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist Technology/CNC Machinist1,424     270.8%     Award < 1 yr611      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
11.0299Computer Programming, Other100     66.7%     Award < 1 yr75      Computer Systems
11.0202Computer Programming, Specific Applications2,218     16.7%     Award < 1 yr682      Computer Systems
11.0203Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification253     62.2%     Award < 1 yr192      Computer Systems
11.0201Computer Programming/Programmer, General6,800     71.9%     Associate's2,780      Computer Systems
11.0701Computer Science34,417     89.2%     Bachelor's18,995      Computer Systems
11.0899Computer Software and Media Applications, Other621     11.7%     Bachelor's168      Digital Graphics
14.0903Computer Software Engineering3,098     93.7%     Master's2,138      Computer Engineering
15.1204Computer Software Technology/Technician152     49.0%     Bachelor's55      Computer Systems
11.1006Computer Support Specialist3,114     44.8%     Award < 1 yr1,368      Computer Systems
11.0501Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst2,616     42.3%     Bachelor's1,377      Computer Systems
11.0901Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications13,820     -21.6%     Associate's4,805      Computer Systems
13.1321Computer Teacher Education221     -67.0%     Master's147      Secondary and Vocational Education
15.1202Computer Technology/Computer Systems Technology2,377     -43.9%     Associate's963      Electrical/Electronic Technology
10.0308Computer Typography and Composition Equipment Operator0     -100.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Farming
11.1099Computer/Information Technology Services Administration and Management, Other1,658     -25.4%     Bachelor's598      Computer Systems
46.0402Concrete Finishing/Concrete Finisher1     -83.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr1      Concrete Finishing
40.0808Condensed Matter and Materials Physics7     0.0%     Doctor's research5      Physics/Astronomy
50.0906Conducting226     51.7%     Master's180      Music
26.1307Conservation Biology267     10.3%     Bachelor's171      Biological/Life Science
14.3301Construction Engineering726     53.5%     Bachelor's468      Civil Engineering
15.1001Construction Engineering Technology/Technician2,764     -14.1%     Bachelor's1,568      Civil Engineering Technology
52.2001Construction Management2,458     -20.0%     Bachelor's1,666      Construction Management
46.0000Construction Trades, General1,985     66.8%     Award < 1 yr1,391      General Construction
46.9999Construction Trades, Other555     -39.7%     Award < 1 yr290      General Construction
49.0202Construction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation956     11.0%     Award < 1 yr452      Construction and Heavy Equipment Operation
19.0402Consumer Economics133     -48.2%     Bachelor's132      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0203Consumer Merchandising/Retailing Management211     -16.6%     Bachelor's179      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0403Consumer Services and Advocacy57     N/A     Bachelor's47      Family and Consumer Sciences
12.0500Cooking and Related Culinary Arts, General4,617     41.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr2,502      Chef
43.0102Corrections4,991     17.4%     Award < 1 yr3,093      Law Enforcement
43.0113Corrections Administration119     20.2%     Bachelor's85      Law Enforcement
43.0199Corrections and Criminal Justice, Other3,847     50.2%     Associate's1,755      Law Enforcement
12.0499Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Arts, Other1,608     -12.2%     Award < 1 yr830      Barbering/Cosmetology
12.0413Cosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail Instructor1,730     -29.8%     Award < 1 yr1,235      Barbering/Cosmetology
12.0401Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, General63,142     -20.2%     Award 1 to < 2 yr52,649      Barbering/Cosmetology
50.0510Costume Design36     140.0%     Associate's12      Fashion Design
42.2803Counseling Psychology10,783     10.7%     Master's9,323      Psychology
13.1101Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services12,237     -12.7%     Master's11,278      Student Counseling
22.0303Court Reporting/Court Reporter532     -8.1%     Award 2 to < 4 yr200      Court Reporting
50.0201Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisanry183     -25.0%     Bachelor's125      Arts and Crafts
23.1302Creative Writing6,378     2.0%     Master's3,174      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
52.0809Credit Management1     -96.0%     Associate's1      Finance and Financial Management Services
43.0103Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration30,925     7.5%     Bachelor's18,322      Law Enforcement
43.0107Criminal Justice/Police Science34,757     33.0%     Associate's14,197      Law Enforcement
43.0104Criminal Justice/Safety Studies48,237     5.3%     Bachelor's31,517      Law Enforcement
43.0111Criminalistics and Criminal Science683     26.5%     Bachelor's379      Law Enforcement
45.0401Criminology8,571     13.3%     Bachelor's7,571      Sociology
43.0302Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management2,013     200.9%     Bachelor's844      Emergency Management
51.3814Critical Care Nursing311     92.0%     Master's280      Nursing
43.0119Critical Incident Response/Special Police Operations0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Law Enforcement
43.0303Critical Infrastructure Protection402     125.8%     Master's291      Emergency Management
01.0304Crop Production295     85.5%     Associate's131      Farming
12.0599Culinary Arts and Related Services, Other1,159     -3.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr879      Food Preparation
12.0503Culinary Arts/Chef Training18,690     -20.7%     Associate's9,924      Chef
12.0509Culinary Science/Culinology216     315.4%     Award < 1 yr112      Chef
45.0204Cultural Anthropology62     1450.0%     Bachelor's41      Anthropology and Archeology
30.1202Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis43     4.9%     Master's29      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
30.2601Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis270     87.5%     Bachelor's174      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
13.0301Curriculum and Instruction19,694     -4.2%     Master's17,124      Instructional Design
52.0207Customer Service Management238     173.6%     Award < 1 yr144      Clerical Supervision and Management
52.0411Customer Service Support/Call Center/Teleservice Operation1,577     47.7%     Award < 1 yr1,559      Office Clerical
43.0116Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism705     529.5%     Master's281      Computer Systems
51.1010Cytogenetics/Genetics/Clinical Genetics Technology/Technologist47     -16.1%     Bachelor's43      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
51.1002Cytotechnology/Cytotechnologist83     -7.8%     Bachelor's46      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
01.0306Dairy Husbandry and Production92     37.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr40      Farming
01.0905Dairy Science265     37.3%     Bachelor's133      Agricultural/Food Sciences
51.2302Dance Therapy/Therapist37     60.9%     Master's36      All Other Therapy
50.0301Dance, General2,726     7.7%     Bachelor's2,282      Dance
50.0399Dance, Other57     103.6%     Bachelor's29      Dance
16.0503Danish Language and Literature0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
11.0601Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications, General1,586     29.0%     Award < 1 yr1,260      Data Entry
11.0699Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications, Other75     -59.0%     Award < 1 yr66      Data Entry
11.0802Data Modeling/Warehousing and Database Administration1,265     235.5%     Award < 1 yr379      Computer Systems
11.0301Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/Technician2,529     -10.0%     Associate's999      Computer Processing
05.0211Deaf Studies98     880.0%     Bachelor's65      Area Studies
45.0501Demography and Population Studies76     -32.7%     Master's50      Sociology
51.0601Dental Assisting/Assistant22,415     6.5%     Award 1 to < 2 yr13,760      Dental Assisting
51.0501Dental Clinical Sciences, General439     25.4%     Master's350      Dentistry
51.0602Dental Hygiene/Hygienist8,234     8.3%     Associate's5,814      Dental Hygiene
51.0603Dental Laboratory Technology/Technician455     -18.5%     Associate's160      Dental Laboratory
51.0505Dental Materials2     -50.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr2      Dentistry
51.0504Dental Public Health and Education15     7.1%     Master's7      Dentistry
51.0699Dental Services and Allied Professions, Other146     -20.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr70      Dentistry
51.0401Dentistry6,059     23.9%     Doctor's prof prac6,004      Dentistry
50.0499Design and Applied Arts, Other1,034     -24.9%     Bachelor's622      Design
50.0401Design and Visual Communications, General5,379     -17.9%     Bachelor's2,746      Design
45.0604Development Economics and International Development639     -3.2%     Master's399      Economics
42.2703Developmental and Child Psychology1,026     0.5%     Bachelor's611      Psychology
26.0404Developmental Biology and Embryology105     11.7%     Bachelor's64      Biological/Life Science
19.0710Developmental Services Worker59     55.3%     Associate's36      Social Services
51.0910Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician5,136     7.7%     Associate's2,824      Diagnostic Medical Sonography
47.0605Diesel Mechanics Technology/Technician9,731     14.4%     Award 1 to < 2 yr3,329      Diesel Engine Repair
51.3103Dietetic Technician332     21.6%     Associate's225      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.3199Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services, Other600     240.9%     Bachelor's391      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.3101Dietetics/Dietitian4,871     39.4%     Bachelor's3,477      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.3104Dietitian Assistant201     4.7%     Award < 1 yr98      Dietetics/Nutrition
50.0102Digital Arts1,635     140.8%     Bachelor's954      Digital Graphics
09.0702Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia4,877     84.1%     Bachelor's3,247      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.3401Direct Entry Midwifery92     27.8%     Award 2 to < 4 yr31      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
50.0507Directing and Theatrical Production183     22.0%     Bachelor's95      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
05.0210Disability Studies157     109.3%     Master's44      Area Studies
30.2801Dispute Resolution478     10.4%     Master's288      Legal Services
49.0304Diver, Professional and Instructor785     -21.2%     Award < 1 yr553      Diving
39.0602Divinity/Ministry6,873     3.2%     Master's5,931      Clergy/Religious Workers
50.0607Documentary Production79     49.1%     Post-bach cert28      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
01.0504Dog/Pet/Animal Grooming122     139.2%     Award < 1 yr54      Animal Grooming
15.1301Drafting and Design Technology/Technician, General5,148     5.4%     Award < 1 yr2,005      Drafting
15.1399Drafting/Design Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other92     -14.0%     Associate's55      Drafting
13.1324Drama and Dance Teacher Education200     -15.3%     Bachelor's117      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0501Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General10,611     -5.2%     Bachelor's8,609      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
50.0599Dramatic/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, Other891     30.3%     Award 2 to < 4 yr449      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
50.0705Drawing354     -4.3%     Bachelor's279      Arts and Crafts
13.1304Driver and Safety Teacher Education1     -88.9%     Post-bach cert1      Secondary and Vocational Education
46.0404Drywall Installation/Drywaller157     -29.3%     Award < 1 yr150      Drywall
16.0504Dutch/Flemish Language and Literature2     100.0%     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1210Early Childhood Education and Teaching29,256     21.7%     Bachelor's12,681      Preschool Education
13.1337Earth Science Teacher Education76     -14.6%     Master's44      Secondary and Vocational Education
16.0300East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General276     -10.1%     Bachelor's139      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.0399East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other135     -2.2%     Bachelor's93      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0104East Asian Studies592     -8.6%     Bachelor's341      Area Studies
26.1301Ecology1,137     8.7%     Bachelor's761      Biological/Life Science
26.1310Ecology and Evolutionary Biology521     30.6%     Bachelor's391      Biological/Life Science
26.1399Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology, Other193     7.8%     Bachelor's136      Biological/Life Science
52.0208E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce518     -21.0%     Bachelor's151      Business Management and Administration
45.0603Econometrics and Quantitative Economics1,198     191.5%     Bachelor's832      Economics
45.0601Economics, General36,086     16.8%     Bachelor's31,477      Economics
45.0699Economics, Other505     -8.8%     Bachelor's384      Economics
44.0502Education Policy Analysis40     81.8%     Doctor's research20      Public Administration
13.0101Education, General29,405     -15.9%     Master's19,912      Education
13.9999Education, Other5,702     -26.3%     Master's2,590      Education
13.1015Education/Teaching of Individuals in Early Childhood Special Education Programs1,674     5.2%     Master's875      Special Education
13.1017Education/Teaching of Individuals in Elementary Special Education Programs1,560     174.2%     Master's1,107      Special Education
13.1018Education/Teaching of Individuals in Junior High/Middle School Special Education Programs58     -71.3%     Master's33      Special Education
13.1019Education/Teaching of Individuals in Secondary Special Education Programs418     109.0%     Master's371      Special Education
13.1014Education/Teaching of Individuals Who are Developmentally Delayed64     -72.2%     Post-bach cert31      Special Education
13.1013Education/Teaching of Individuals with Autism865     4.3%     Post-bach cert543      Special Education
13.1005Education/Teaching of Individuals with Emotional Disturbances261     -9.4%     Master's160      Special Education
13.1003Education/Teaching of Individuals with Hearing Impairments Including Deafness373     -18.9%     Master's118      Special Education
13.1006Education/Teaching of Individuals with Mental Retardation215     -53.3%     Bachelor's158      Special Education
13.1007Education/Teaching of Individuals with Multiple Disabilities453     -40.9%     Master's286      Special Education
13.1008Education/Teaching of Individuals with Orthopedic and Other Physical Health Impairments66     -22.4%     Bachelor's61      Special Education
13.1011Education/Teaching of Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities595     -19.8%     Master's290      Special Education
13.1012Education/Teaching of Individuals with Speech or Language Impairments542     -6.4%     Master's263      Special Education
13.1016Education/Teaching of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries9     N/A     Post-bach cert9      Special Education
13.1009Education/Teaching of Individuals with Vision Impairments Including Blindness150     -10.2%     Master's103      Special Education
13.1004Education/Teaching of the Gifted and Talented436     -32.5%     Master's243      Education
13.0499Educational Administration and Supervision, Other1,695     -23.2%     Master's1,110      Educational Administration
13.0699Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Other236     4.4%     Master's149      Education
13.0604Educational Assessment, Testing, and Measurement103     10.8%     Master's73      Education
13.0601Educational Evaluation and Research201     79.5%     Doctor's research86      Education
13.0401Educational Leadership and Administration, General28,851     6.4%     Master's18,560      Educational Administration
42.2806Educational Psychology1,829     -16.6%     Master's1,248      Psychology
13.0603Educational Statistics and Research Methods172     97.7%     Master's91      Education
13.0404Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision1,737     26.5%     Master's1,130      Educational Administration
13.0501Educational/Instructional Technology5,998     24.9%     Master's4,762      Instructional Design
15.0399Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other1,990     -7.0%     Award < 1 yr750      Electrical/Electronic Technology
14.1001Electrical and Electronics Engineering32,138     33.3%     Bachelor's15,846      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
46.0301Electrical and Power Transmission Installation/Installer, General1,262     -7.9%     Award < 1 yr542      Power Line Installation and Repair
46.0399Electrical and Power Transmission Installers, Other236     63.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr125      Power Line Installation and Repair
15.0303Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician7,398     -37.1%     Associate's3,651      Electrical/Electronic Technology
14.1099Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Other344     377.8%     Master's214      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
15.1305Electrical/Electronics Drafting and Electrical/Electronics CAD/CADD63     1.6%     Award < 1 yr25      Drafting
47.0101Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation and Repair, General2,544     -17.9%     Award < 1 yr885      Appliance/Equipment Repair
47.0199Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology, Other525     -36.2%     Award < 1 yr195      Appliance/Equipment Repair
46.0302Electrician14,807     11.1%     Award 1 to < 2 yr7,170      Electrical
51.0902Electrocardiograph Technology/Technician870     -36.5%     Award < 1 yr795      Cardiology Technology
12.0404Electrolysis/Electrology and Electrolysis Technician153     28.6%     Award < 1 yr140      Barbering/Cosmetology
15.0499Electromechanical and Instrumentation and Maintenance Technologies/Technicians, Other1,256     20.1%     Award < 1 yr541      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
14.4101Electromechanical Engineering38     -13.6%     Bachelor's28      All Other Engineering
15.0403Electromechanical Technology/Electromechanical Engineering Technology2,199     48.3%     Associate's928      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
51.0903Electroneurodiagnostic/Electroencephalographic Technology/Technologist332     96.4%     Award 1 to < 2 yr169      Miscellaneous Health Services
13.0408Elementary and Middle School Administration/Principalship1,265     -20.7%     Master's610      Educational Administration
13.1202Elementary Education and Teaching38,941     -30.4%     Bachelor's28,495      Elementary Education
40.0804Elementary Particle Physics6     100.0%     Master's5      Physics/Astronomy
51.0810Emergency Care Attendant (EMT Ambulance)2,605     2.8%     Award < 1 yr2,538      Emergency Care Attendant
51.0904Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)27,142     8.4%     Award < 1 yr17,269      Emergency Medical Technology
51.3816Emergency Room/Trauma Nursing20     -23.1%     Master's20      Nursing
26.0904Endocrinology8     60.0%     Doctor's research6      Medical Science
51.0506Endodontics/Endodontology136     9.7%     Post-mast cert98      Dentistry
51.3799Energy and Biologically Based Therapies, Other1     -88.9%     Award < 1 yr1      All Other Therapy
15.0503Energy Management and Systems Technology/Technician1,509     -28.5%     Associate's614      All Other Engineering Technology
22.0207Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law183     28.0%     Master's126      Legal Services
47.0615Engine Machinist178     33.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr131      Engine Machinist
14.4401Engineering Chemistry1     -66.7%     Bachelor's1      Chemical Engineering
15.1502Engineering Design38     N/A     Master's37      All Other Engineering
14.1101Engineering Mechanics255     -17.5%     Bachelor's84      All Other Engineering
14.1201Engineering Physics/Applied Physics882     39.3%     Bachelor's587      All Other Engineering
14.1301Engineering Science1,336     26.9%     Bachelor's499      All Other Engineering
15.9999Engineering Technologies and Engineering-Related Fields, Other1,444     -1.1%     Bachelor's583      All Other Engineering Technology
15.0000Engineering Technology, General4,000     17.5%     Bachelor's1,435      All Other Engineering Technology
14.0101Engineering, General8,196     19.8%     Associate's2,832      All Other Engineering
14.9999Engineering, Other2,559     35.9%     Master's1,158      All Other Engineering
15.1501Engineering/Industrial Management4,859     20.7%     Master's3,628      Industrial Engineering
15.1599Engineering-Related Fields, Other94     1075.0%     Bachelor's52      All Other Engineering Technology
15.1199Engineering-Related Technologies, Other22     46.7%     Associate's18      All Other Engineering Technology
23.0101English Language and Literature, General43,110     -16.7%     Bachelor's34,743      Liberal Arts and Humanities
23.9999English Language and Literature/Letters, Other1,598     -18.8%     Bachelor's620      Liberal Arts and Humanities
23.1404English Literature (British and Commonwealth)301     -42.9%     Bachelor's208      Liberal Arts and Humanities
13.1305English/Language Arts Teacher Education3,137     -26.5%     Bachelor's1,943      Secondary and Vocational Education
26.0702Entomology385     11.3%     Master's160      Biological/Life Science
52.0799Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, Other270     60.7%     Bachelor's85      Business Management and Administration
52.0701Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies6,170     39.0%     Bachelor's2,577      Business Management and Administration
26.1305Environmental Biology354     31.1%     Bachelor's258      Biological/Life Science
40.0509Environmental Chemistry23     130.0%     Bachelor's13      Chemistry
15.0599Environmental Control Technologies/Technicians, Other191     -38.0%     Associate's74      All Other Engineering Technology
04.0401Environmental Design/Architecture745     -27.7%     Bachelor's634      Architecture
13.1338Environmental Education215     760.0%     Master's188      Secondary and Vocational Education
15.0507Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology551     31.5%     Bachelor's209      Environmental Technology
51.2202Environmental Health1,147     21.2%     Master's545      Occupational Safety and Health
42.2808Environmental Psychology47     -11.3%     Bachelor's26      Psychology
03.0104Environmental Science7,575     33.2%     Bachelor's5,957      Environmental Science
03.0103Environmental Studies7,703     26.5%     Bachelor's6,039      Environmental Science
26.1006Environmental Toxicology122     16.2%     Master's60      Medical Science
14.1401Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering2,501     30.1%     Bachelor's1,453      Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering
26.1309Epidemiology1,847     53.7%     Master's1,374      Medical Science
01.0507Equestrian/Equine Studies775     23.4%     Bachelor's323      Animal Training
38.0103Ethics148     -8.1%     Bachelor's77      Philosophy and Religion
05.0200Ethnic Studies255     -6.3%     Bachelor's137      Area Studies
05.0299Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies, Other875     0.5%     Bachelor's710      Area Studies
54.0103European History23     -54.0%     Bachelor's23      History
05.0106European Studies/Civilization146     -30.8%     Bachelor's94      Area Studies
26.1303Evolutionary Biology162     107.7%     Bachelor's120      Biological/Life Science
52.0402Executive Assistant/Executive Secretary1,952     -64.6%     Award < 1 yr881      Secretarial
26.0908Exercise Physiology3,728     77.0%     Bachelor's3,317      Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
42.2704Experimental Psychology1,863     90.9%     Bachelor's1,480      Psychology
12.0408Facial Treatment Specialist/Facialist1,224     34.1%     Award < 1 yr1,090      Barbering/Cosmetology
19.0604Facilities Planning and Management57     -41.8%     Bachelor's44      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0707Family and Community Services1,872     25.3%     Bachelor's1,192      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0499Family and Consumer Economics and Related Services, Other414     10.1%     Bachelor's397      Family and Consumer Sciences
13.1308Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teacher Education347     -25.7%     Bachelor's260      Secondary and Vocational Education
19.0299Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences Business Services, Other11     N/A     Bachelor's11      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0202Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences Communication31     47.6%     Bachelor's25      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
19.0101Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences, General4,497     -1.9%     Bachelor's3,830      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.9999Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences, Other272     130.5%     Award < 1 yr231      Family and Consumer Sciences
51.3805Family Practice Nurse/Nursing11,165     131.9%     Master's9,653      Nursing
42.2811Family Psychology62     19.2%     Master's50      Psychology
19.0401Family Resource Management Studies, General956     5.8%     Bachelor's747      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0704Family Systems619     24.8%     Bachelor's501      Family and Consumer Sciences
01.0104Farm/Farm and Ranch Management810     -5.5%     Award < 1 yr321      Farming
19.0906Fashion and Fabric Consultant37     -36.2%     Bachelor's20      Fashion Design
52.1902Fashion Merchandising5,467     11.5%     Bachelor's3,029      Sales
52.1903Fashion Modeling22     -33.3%     Associate's22      Modeling
50.0407Fashion/Apparel Design4,110     -9.6%     Bachelor's2,164      Fashion Design
50.0712Fiber, Textile and Weaving Arts233     -10.0%     Bachelor's190      Arts and Crafts
16.1404Filipino/Tagalog Language and Literature4     -33.3%     Bachelor's4      Foreign Languages and Literatures
50.0601Film/Cinema/Video Studies3,906     8.3%     Bachelor's3,251      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
50.0699Film/Video and Photographic Arts, Other904     -17.7%     Bachelor's791      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
52.0899Finance and Financial Management Services, Other441     -16.8%     Bachelor's142      Finance and Financial Management Services
52.0801Finance, General42,803     14.9%     Bachelor's35,255      Finance and Financial Management Services
43.0117Financial Forensics and Fraud Investigation244     46.1%     Master's131      Accounting
27.0305Financial Mathematics1,357     325.4%     Master's1,141      Mathematics
52.0804Financial Planning and Services4,168     607.6%     Award < 1 yr3,207      Financial Planning
50.1002Fine and Studio Arts Management1,284     12.5%     Master's633      Arts and Crafts
50.0799Fine Arts and Art Studies, Other1,318     -27.4%     Bachelor's664      Arts and Crafts
50.0702Fine/Studio Arts, General12,190     -1.5%     Bachelor's9,903      Arts and Crafts
43.0201Fire Prevention and Safety Technology/Technician4,089     -7.8%     Associate's1,824      Fire Safety
43.0299Fire Protection, Other189     -5.0%     Award < 1 yr93      Fire Safety
43.0203Fire Science/Fire-fighting8,148     3.3%     Award < 1 yr4,996      Fire Safety
43.0202Fire Services Administration1,354     74.3%     Bachelor's761      Fire Safety
43.0204Fire Systems Technology24     50.0%     Associate's17      Fire Safety
43.0205Fire/Arson Investigation and Prevention38     375.0%     Bachelor's36      Fire Safety
03.0301Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management511     3.7%     Bachelor's352      Fishing
49.0207Flagging and Traffic Control458     229.5%     Award < 1 yr458      Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
49.0108Flight Instructor48     128.6%     Associate's27      Airplane Piloting
01.0608Floriculture/Floristry Operations and Management110     -29.5%     Award < 1 yr56      Floristry
05.0209Folklore Studies46     100.0%     Master's27      Area Studies
12.0505Food Preparation/Professional Cooking/Kitchen Assistant1,424     2.2%     Award < 1 yr1,162      Food Preparation
01.1001Food Science2,153     30.4%     Bachelor's1,503      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1099Food Science and Technology, Other114     142.6%     Bachelor's48      Agricultural/Food Sciences
12.0507Food Service, Waiter/Waitress, and Dining Room Management/Manager257     -14.0%     Award < 1 yr208      Food Serving
01.1002Food Technology and Processing100     92.3%     Award < 1 yr36      Agricultural/Food Sciences
19.0599Foods, Nutrition, and Related Services, Other92     95.7%     Master's49      Dietetics/Nutrition
19.0501Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, General3,678     11.3%     Bachelor's2,725      Dietetics/Nutrition
19.0505Foodservice Systems Administration/Management1,418     -37.9%     Bachelor's1,021      Food Service and Lodging Management
13.1306Foreign Language Teacher Education349     -9.1%     Master's192      Secondary and Vocational Education
16.0101Foreign Languages and Literatures, General2,285     0.0%     Bachelor's1,656      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.9999Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other475     6.0%     Bachelor's239      Foreign Languages and Literatures
40.0510Forensic Chemistry111     122.0%     Bachelor's110      Chemistry
42.2812Forensic Psychology1,785     31.6%     Master's848      Psychology
43.0106Forensic Science and Technology3,173     20.7%     Bachelor's1,432      Law Enforcement
14.3401Forest Engineering30     -38.8%     Bachelor's28      All Other Engineering
03.0506Forest Management/Forest Resources Management283     11.0%     Bachelor's155      Forestry and Conservation
03.0510Forest Resources Production and Management44     37.5%     Master's23      Forestry and Conservation
03.0502Forest Sciences and Biology399     26.7%     Bachelor's196      Forestry and Conservation
03.0511Forest Technology/Technician339     -1.2%     Associate's287      Forestry and Conservation
03.0501Forestry, General829     -17.8%     Bachelor's532      Forestry and Conservation
03.0599Forestry, Other91     -37.7%     Bachelor's57      Forestry and Conservation
52.0702Franchising and Franchise Operations0     N/A     Award < 1 yr0      Business Management and Administration
16.0901French Language and Literature2,317     -20.7%     Bachelor's1,760      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1325French Language Teacher Education55     -48.1%     Bachelor's32      Secondary and Vocational Education
05.0124French Studies79     6.8%     Bachelor's52      Area Studies
12.0302Funeral Direction/Service168     12.0%     Associate's78      Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
12.0301Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, General1,856     20.4%     Associate's1,240      Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
12.0399Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, Other26     8.3%     Associate's26      Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
48.0702Furniture Design and Manufacturing170     6.9%     Award < 1 yr83      Woodworking
50.0411Game and Interactive Media Design2,450     95.1%     Bachelor's1,579      Digital Graphics
05.0208Gay/Lesbian Studies30     20.0%     Bachelor's15      Area Studies
51.0914Gene/Genetic Therapy60     445.5%     Award < 1 yr47      Miscellaneous Health Services
23.1401General Literature339     52.7%     Bachelor's296      Liberal Arts and Humanities
52.1899General Merchandising, Sales, and Related Marketing Operations, Other365     -12.3%     Associate's247      Sales
52.0408General Office Occupations and Clerical Services3,301     0.2%     Award < 1 yr1,605      Office Clerical
24.0102General Studies113,724     37.8%     Associate's93,995      Liberal Arts and Humanities
51.1509Genetic Counseling/Counselor156     24.8%     Master's154      Genetic Counseling
26.0801Genetics, General506     8.6%     Bachelor's298      Biological/Life Science
26.0899Genetics, Other13     -18.8%     Doctor's research10      Biological/Life Science
26.0807Genome Sciences/Genomics45     95.7%     Doctor's research29      Biological/Life Science
40.0602Geochemistry33     -21.4%     Bachelor's20      Earth Science
45.0702Geographic Information Science and Cartography1,884     80.5%     Master's473      Surveying/Cartography
45.0701Geography5,896     -11.4%     Bachelor's4,016      Geography
13.1332Geography Teacher Education4     -71.4%     Bachelor's4      Secondary and Vocational Education
45.0799Geography, Other492     13.1%     Award < 1 yr207      Geography
40.0699Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences, Other771     26.8%     Bachelor's537      Earth Science
14.3901Geological/Geophysical Engineering536     57.6%     Bachelor's271      Mining Engineering
40.0601Geology/Earth Science, General7,581     23.4%     Bachelor's5,544      Earth Science
40.0603Geophysics and Seismology364     44.4%     Bachelor's184      Earth Science
14.0802Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering18     260.0%     Post-bach cert15      Civil Engineering
51.3821Geriatric Nurse/Nursing347     155.1%     Master's299      Nursing
16.0501German Language and Literature1,020     -18.7%     Bachelor's813      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1326German Language Teacher Education13     -43.5%     Bachelor's11      Secondary and Vocational Education
05.0125German Studies65     -4.4%     Bachelor's51      Area Studies
16.0500Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General98     -31.5%     Bachelor's56      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.0599Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other14     N/A     Bachelor's14      Foreign Languages and Literatures
30.1101Gerontology1,424     26.9%     Master's440      Social Science, General
42.2809Geropsychology1     -50.0%     Master's1      Psychology
46.0406Glazier11     120.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr7      Glazier
31.0302Golf Course Operation and Grounds Management560     245.7%     Associate's527      Garden and Landscaping Services
10.0305Graphic and Printing Equipment Operator, General Production386     -40.7%     Associate's146      Printing
10.0301Graphic Communications, General827     -6.9%     Bachelor's334      Printing
10.0399Graphic Communications, Other215     44.3%     Bachelor's114      Printing
50.0409Graphic Design10,312     -9.5%     Bachelor's5,767      Digital Graphics
01.0604Greenhouse Operations and Management93     69.1%     Associate's39      Garden and Landscaping Services
49.0299Ground Transportation, Other403     -1.9%     Award < 1 yr398      Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
47.0402Gunsmithing/Gunsmith1,019     187.0%     Award < 1 yr338      Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers Programs
12.0407Hair Styling/Stylist and Hair Design819     -50.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr663      Barbering/Cosmetology
15.0704Hazardous Materials Information Systems Technology/Technician6     500.0%     Award < 1 yr6      Environmental Technology
15.0508Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Technology/Technician124     -56.5%     Associate's56      Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Technology
51.2601Health Aide1,878     18.5%     Award < 1 yr1,310      Nurse Assisting
51.2699Health Aides/Attendants/Orderlies, Other112     -84.6%     Award < 1 yr81      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.0799Health and Medical Administrative Services, Other2,121     -25.3%     Bachelor's707      Medical Services Management
31.0501Health and Physical Education/Fitness, General13,408     23.3%     Bachelor's10,022      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
31.0599Health and Physical Education/Fitness, Other1,588     -15.4%     Bachelor's1,101      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
51.0001Health and Wellness, General2,800     282.0%     Bachelor's2,264      Community Health Work
09.0905Health Communication289     38.9%     Master's141      Community Health Work
51.0706Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator2,857     48.9%     Bachelor's1,428      Medical Services Management
51.0707Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician10,877     27.5%     Associate's7,259      Medical Records
22.0208Health Law281     26.6%     Master's214      Legal Services
13.1327Health Occupations Teacher Education174     248.0%     Master's96      Secondary and Vocational Education
44.0503Health Policy Analysis172     67.0%     Bachelor's91      Public Administration
51.9999Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other8,483     12.9%     Bachelor's4,990      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.2211Health Services Administration2,250     35.0%     Bachelor's937      Medical Services Management
51.0000Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General17,816     94.3%     Bachelor's11,015      Community Health Work
13.1307Health Teacher Education2,047     -4.1%     Bachelor's1,410      Secondary and Vocational Education
51.0703Health Unit Coordinator/Ward Clerk348     -51.7%     Award < 1 yr336      Medical Office and Clerical
51.0704Health Unit Manager/Ward Supervisor13     -40.9%     Associate's11      Medical Services Management
51.0701Health/Health Care Administration/Management23,494     63.6%     Bachelor's11,531      Medical Services Management
51.2205Health/Medical Physics207     4.0%     Master's100      Physics/Astronomy
51.0715Health/Medical Claims Examiner29     -57.4%     Award < 1 yr29      Insurance
51.1199Health/Medical Preparatory Programs, Other4,535     69.2%     Bachelor's1,684      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
42.2810Health/Medical Psychology109     0.0%     Bachelor's63      Psychology
51.0918Hearing Instrument Specialist39     62.5%     Associate's38      Medical Laboratory Technician
47.0201Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology/Technician18,236     -3.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr9,326      Air Conditioning/Heating Installation/Repair
15.0501Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Technology/Technician6,437     -18.2%     Award 1 to < 2 yr3,246      Air Conditioning/Heating Installation/Repair
47.0302Heavy Equipment Maintenance Technology/Technician1,051     88.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr319      Heavy Equipment Repair
47.0399Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies, Other305     -1.6%     Associate's193      Industrial Machinery Repair
16.1102Hebrew Language and Literature21     -93.9%     Master's8      Foreign Languages and Literatures
51.1003Hematology Technology/Technician455     13.5%     Award < 1 yr443      Medical Laboratory Technician
51.3702Herbalism/Herbalist50     -31.5%     Master's16      All Other Therapy
47.0617High Performance and Custom Engine Technician/Mechanic445     80.2%     Associate's314      Automobile Mechanics
13.0406Higher Education/Higher Education Administration3,728     28.1%     Master's3,062      Educational Administration
38.0204Hindu Studies1     N/A     Master's1      Philosophy and Religion
16.0908Hispanic and Latin American Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General120     0.0%     Bachelor's81      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0203Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-American/Chicano Studies484     -7.3%     Bachelor's430      Area Studies
51.1008Histologic Technician267     71.2%     Associate's139      Medical Laboratory Technician
51.1007Histologic Technology/Histotechnologist110     3.8%     Associate's54      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
30.1201Historic Preservation and Conservation369     -8.7%     Master's192      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
30.1299Historic Preservation and Conservation, Other19     216.7%     Master's9      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
54.0104History and Philosophy of Science and Technology186     0.0%     Bachelor's111      History
13.1328History Teacher Education664     -30.0%     Bachelor's526      Secondary and Vocational Education
54.0101History, General30,709     -22.6%     Bachelor's25,035      History
54.0199History, Other462     -27.1%     Bachelor's352      History
51.3306Holistic Health540     146.6%     Bachelor's208      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
30.2101Holocaust and Related Studies47     235.7%     Master's29      History
51.2602Home Health Aide/Home Attendant1,113     -34.0%     Award < 1 yr1,062      Home Health Assisting
43.0301Homeland Security1,998     18.0%     Bachelor's836      Emergency Management
43.9999Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services, Other2,385     -4.9%     Bachelor's1,002      Law Enforcement
43.0399Homeland Security, Other228     117.1%     Bachelor's78      Emergency Management
51.3304Homeopathic Medicine/Homeopathy0     -100.0%     Associate's0      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
01.0307Horse Husbandry/Equine Science and Management381     101.6%     Bachelor's130      Animal Husbandry
01.1103Horticultural Science789     -7.3%     Bachelor's569      Agricultural/Food Sciences
51.0702Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration/Management5,015     225.9%     Bachelor's3,302      Medical Services Management
52.0901Hospitality Administration/Management, General12,137     24.4%     Bachelor's7,952      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0999Hospitality Administration/Management, Other688     -34.0%     Bachelor's456      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.1910Hospitality and Recreation Marketing Operations278     231.0%     Bachelor's256      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0909Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management464     95.0%     Award < 1 yr208      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0904Hotel/Motel Administration/Management3,624     -5.8%     Bachelor's1,958      Food Service and Lodging Management
19.0601Housing and Human Environments, General205     -34.7%     Bachelor's176      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0699Housing and Human Environments, Other614     -8.8%     Award < 1 yr604      Family and Consumer Sciences
30.2701Human Biology840     71.4%     Bachelor's838      Biological/Life Science
30.3101Human Computer Interaction334     317.5%     Master's220      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
19.0701Human Development and Family Studies, General9,445     14.7%     Bachelor's8,397      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0799Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services, Other728     13.8%     Bachelor's465      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0504Human Nutrition1,104     14.0%     Bachelor's774      Dietetics/Nutrition
52.1005Human Resources Development1,836     7.1%     Master's947      Human Resources Management
52.1099Human Resources Management and Services, Other1,470     -28.2%     Master's984      Human Resources Management
52.1001Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General16,387     44.8%     Bachelor's7,517      Human Resources Management
44.0000Human Services, General16,467     75.9%     Bachelor's6,705      Social Work
26.0806Human/Medical Genetics241     37.7%     Master's133      Medical Science
24.0103Humanities/Humanistic Studies20,616     22.0%     Associate's17,892      Liberal Arts and Humanities
15.1103Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology/Technician141     -22.5%     Associate's53      All Other Engineering Technology
40.0605Hydrology and Water Resources Science160     13.5%     Master's82      Earth Science
51.3603Hypnotherapy/Hypnotherapist148     5.0%     Award < 1 yr148      All Other Therapy
50.0410Illustration2,318     26.1%     Bachelor's1,918      Arts and Crafts
26.0507Immunology232     42.3%     Doctor's research139      Biological/Life Science
13.0203Indian/Native American Education3     -66.7%     Award < 1 yr2      Secondary and Vocational Education
42.2804Industrial and Organizational Psychology1,803     15.8%     Master's1,300      Psychology
51.2009Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and Cosmetic Sciences90     500.0%     Master's68      Pharmacy
50.0404Industrial and Product Design1,855     9.9%     Bachelor's1,594      Design
47.0105Industrial Electronics Technology/Technician2,228     30.4%     Award < 1 yr985      Electrical/Electronic Machine Production/Repair
14.3501Industrial Engineering8,402     38.5%     Bachelor's5,042      Industrial Engineering
47.0303Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology5,407     32.5%     Award < 1 yr2,677      Industrial Machinery Repair
15.0699Industrial Production Technologies/Technicians, Other3,300     49.5%     Associate's1,118      Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
41.0204Industrial Radiologic Technology/Technician236     126.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr120      Nuclear/Radiologic Technology
15.0703Industrial Safety Technology/Technician262     23.0%     Bachelor's178      Occupational Safety and Health
15.0612Industrial Technology/Technician5,889     31.1%     Bachelor's1,618      Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
11.0104Informatics1,306     381.9%     Bachelor's907      Computer Systems
52.1206Information Resources Management1,687     152.2%     Master's1,379      Computer Systems
11.0401Information Science/Studies15,277     32.9%     Bachelor's6,721      Computer Systems
11.0103Information Technology20,646     53.1%     Bachelor's8,048      Computer Systems
11.1005Information Technology Project Management907     91.4%     Bachelor's407      Computer Systems
40.0503Inorganic Chemistry4     100.0%     Doctor's research3      Chemistry
12.0508Institutional Food Workers239     0.8%     Award < 1 yr132      Food Preparation
15.0404Instrumentation Technology/Technician2,501     66.2%     Associate's1,093      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
46.0414Insulator0     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Insulation
52.1701Insurance2,343     159.8%     Award < 1 yr1,252      Insurance
15.0306Integrated Circuit Design1     -66.7%     Associate's1      Electrical/Electronic Technology
22.0212Intellectual Property Law152     7.0%     Master's147      Legal Services
30.2301Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies467     49.2%     Bachelor's161      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
04.0501Interior Architecture672     -22.2%     Bachelor's456      Architecture
50.0408Interior Design5,537     -21.9%     Bachelor's2,770      Interior Design
50.0706Intermedia/Multimedia1,289     142.7%     Bachelor's1,193      Digital Graphics
01.0701International Agriculture115     76.9%     Bachelor's63      Agricultural/Food Sciences
13.0701International and Comparative Education457     40.2%     Master's307      Education
09.0907International and Intercultural Communication268     243.6%     Bachelor's153      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
22.0210International Business, Trade, and Tax Law278     100.0%     Master's278      Legal Services
52.1101International Business/Trade/Commerce8,763     -12.5%     Bachelor's5,742      Business Management and Administration
45.0605International Economics423     -10.8%     Bachelor's243      Economics
52.0806International Finance41     -4.7%     Master's34      Finance and Financial Management Services
22.0209International Law and Legal Studies539     33.7%     Master's522      Legal Services
52.1403International Marketing576     94.6%     Master's363      Marketing Management and Research
44.0504International Policy Analysis54     14.9%     Master's27      Public Administration
51.2210International Public Health/International Health821     70.7%     Master's518      Community Health Work
45.0901International Relations and Affairs13,304     -8.4%     Bachelor's8,811      Political Science
45.0999International Relations and National Security Studies, Other240     44.6%     Master's132      Political Science
30.2001International/Global Studies6,929     5.7%     Bachelor's5,416      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
52.0807Investments and Securities334     -0.3%     Master's200      Financial Planning
16.0801Iranian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics4     -63.6%     Bachelor's4      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0133Irish Studies7     N/A     Master's7      Area Studies
48.0509Ironworking/Ironworker194     40.6%     Award < 1 yr75      Ironworking
38.0205Islamic Studies31     -3.1%     Master's18      Philosophy and Religion
16.0902Italian Language and Literature298     -35.2%     Bachelor's191      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0126Italian Studies48     -22.6%     Bachelor's26      Area Studies
16.0302Japanese Language and Literature759     -5.9%     Bachelor's605      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0127Japanese Studies40     -25.9%     Bachelor's39      Area Studies
50.0910Jazz/Jazz Studies542     10.6%     Bachelor's349      Music
38.0206Jewish/Judaic Studies647     196.8%     Associate's322      Philosophy and Religion
09.0401Journalism13,490     -6.8%     Bachelor's11,583      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
09.0499Journalism, Other1,361     44.9%     Bachelor's772      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
13.1203Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching3,714     -11.4%     Bachelor's2,516      Secondary and Vocational Education
43.0110Juvenile Corrections199     71.6%     Award < 1 yr92      Law Enforcement
50.0907Keyboard Instruments426     13.9%     Master's190      Music
13.1209Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching2,150     -37.7%     Bachelor's1,140      Preschool Education
31.0505Kinesiology and Exercise Science27,740     46.0%     Bachelor's23,708      Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
51.2311Kinesiotherapy/Kinesiotherapist103     87.3%     Bachelor's50      Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
52.1207Knowledge Management174     62.6%     Master's86      Computer Systems
16.0303Korean Language and Literature75     47.1%     Bachelor's54      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0128Korean Studies7     75.0%     Award < 1 yr5      Area Studies
52.1002Labor and Industrial Relations1,915     5.5%     Bachelor's873      Human Resources Management
52.1004Labor Studies128     15.3%     Bachelor's46      Human Resources Management
51.0815Lactation Consultant9     N/A     Award < 1 yr9      Miscellaneous Health Services
03.0206Land Use Planning and Management/Development97     -27.6%     Bachelor's49      Forestry and Conservation
04.0601Landscape Architecture1,517     -15.0%     Bachelor's765      Landscape Architecture
01.0605Landscaping and Groundskeeping1,017     3.6%     Award < 1 yr388      Garden and Landscaping Services
16.0103Language Interpretation and Translation690     9.5%     Award < 1 yr317      Interpreter/Translator
51.2507Large Animal/Food Animal and Equine Surgery and Medicine2     -50.0%     Master's2      Veterinary Medicine
14.1003Laser and Optical Engineering96     62.7%     Master's40      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
15.0304Laser and Optical Technology/Technician118     81.5%     Associate's56      All Other Engineering Technology
05.0134Latin American and Caribbean Studies70     11.1%     Bachelor's48      Area Studies
05.0107Latin American Studies795     -17.2%     Bachelor's367      Area Studies
16.1203Latin Language and Literature61     -39.0%     Bachelor's45      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1333Latin Teacher Education9     -25.0%     Master's6      Secondary and Vocational Education
22.0101Law37,765     -19.9%     Doctor's prof prac37,759      Legal Services
43.0118Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis32     -25.6%     Bachelor's14      Law Enforcement
43.0114Law Enforcement Investigation and Interviewing17     -85.5%     Associate's13      Law Enforcement
39.0705Lay Ministry360     166.7%     Bachelor's158      Clergy/Religious Workers
13.0607Learning Sciences282     1126.1%     Bachelor's207      Education
48.0399Leatherworking and Upholstery, Other0     -100.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Shoe and Leather Work and Repair
22.0301Legal Administrative Assistant/Secretary674     -39.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr263      Legal Secretarial
22.0302Legal Assistant/Paralegal13,452     -22.6%     Associate's7,446      Legal Assisting
22.9999Legal Professions and Studies, Other1,899     -11.5%     Master's891      Legal Services
22.0299Legal Research and Advanced Professional Studies, Other961     32.2%     Master's826      Legal Services
22.0000Legal Studies, General2,330     -4.7%     Bachelor's1,775      Legal Services
22.0399Legal Support Services, Other48     -11.1%     Award < 1 yr25      Legal Assisting
24.0199Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other32,918     36.1%     Associate's18,576      Liberal Arts and Humanities
24.0101Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies318,540     8.4%     Associate's251,166      Liberal Arts and Humanities
25.0301Library and Archives Assisting347     -27.4%     Award < 1 yr164      Library Assisting
25.0101Library and Information Science5,038     -34.3%     Master's4,682      Library Science
25.9999Library Science, Other133     -48.8%     Master's119      Library Science
51.3901Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training45,571     -21.1%     Award 1 to < 2 yr39,300      LPN
46.0303Lineworker1,607     30.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr819      Power Line Installation and Repair
16.0199Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services, Other268     30.1%     Bachelor's170      Liberal Arts and Humanities
16.0102Linguistics3,107     3.9%     Bachelor's2,079      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.1602Linguistics of ASL and Other Sign Languages15     N/A     Master's8      Interpreter/Translator
23.1499Literature, Other10     66.7%     Bachelor's10      Liberal Arts and Humanities
01.0906Livestock Management19     -38.7%     Bachelor's12      Farming
47.0403Locksmithing and Safe Repair42     20.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr42      Appliance/Equipment Repair
38.0102Logic15     -6.3%     Master's7      Philosophy and Religion
52.0203Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management7,055     76.2%     Bachelor's4,511      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
51.0718Long Term Care Administration/Management360     2017.6%     Bachelor's271      Medical Services Management
48.0503Machine Shop Technology/Assistant3,019     44.2%     Award < 1 yr1,558      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
48.0501Machine Tool Technology/Machinist4,740     68.7%     Award < 1 yr2,053      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
51.0920Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology/Technician345     80.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr106      Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
12.0406Make-Up Artist/Specialist1,605     63.8%     Award < 1 yr1,447      Barbering/Cosmetology
51.0919Mammography Technician/Technology77     196.2%     Award < 1 yr72      Medical Radiologic Technology
52.1299Management Information Systems and Services, Other500     -37.8%     Bachelor's175      Computer Systems
52.1201Management Information Systems, General11,969     6.8%     Bachelor's7,812      Computer Systems
52.1301Management Science6,119     48.5%     Bachelor's3,191      Quantitative Business Analysis
52.1399Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Other1,693     315.0%     Master's1,104      Quantitative Business Analysis
14.3601Manufacturing Engineering803     27.5%     Bachelor's429      Industrial Engineering
15.0613Manufacturing Engineering Technology/Technician4,162     65.2%     Award < 1 yr1,473      Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
26.1302Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography1,729     33.3%     Bachelor's1,345      Biological/Life Science
47.0616Marine Maintenance/Fitter and Ship Repair Technology/Technician856     -19.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr667      Small Engine/Systems Repair
49.0309Marine Science/Merchant Marine Officer2,618     -29.3%     Award < 1 yr2,014      Water Transportation
30.3201Marine Sciences215     159.0%     Bachelor's110      Earth Science
49.0399Marine Transportation, Other40     166.7%     Award < 1 yr23      Water Transportation
30.2901Maritime Studies14     N/A     Bachelor's14      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
52.1402Marketing Research197     15.2%     Master's96      Marketing Management and Research
52.1499Marketing, Other1,378     6.8%     Bachelor's942      Marketing Management and Research
52.1401Marketing/Marketing Management, General38,629     11.5%     Bachelor's33,254      Marketing Management and Research
51.1505Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling3,487     31.2%     Master's3,125      Counseling
46.0101Mason/Masonry487     -13.5%     Award < 1 yr259      Masonry and Tile Setting
09.0102Mass Communication/Media Studies11,635     9.5%     Bachelor's9,648      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.3501Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage18,162     -25.8%     Award < 1 yr10,751      Massage
12.0414Master Aesthetician/Esthetician889     64.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr508      Barbering/Cosmetology
40.1002Materials Chemistry23     15.0%     Master's10      Materials Science
14.1801Materials Engineering3,298     37.1%     Bachelor's1,437      Materials Engineering
40.1001Materials Science604     40.5%     Master's242      Materials Science
40.1099Materials Sciences, Other6     500.0%     Doctor's research4      Materials Science
51.2209Maternal and Child Health195     31.8%     Master's115      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.3806Maternal/Child Health and Neonatal Nurse/Nursing246     20.6%     Master's230      Nursing
27.0306Mathematical Biology21     600.0%     Bachelor's21      Mathematics
27.0502Mathematical Statistics and Probability356     40.7%     Bachelor's210      Mathematics
30.0801Mathematics and Computer Science392     58.1%     Bachelor's291      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
27.0503Mathematics and Statistics133     60.2%     Bachelor's73      Mathematics
27.9999Mathematics and Statistics, Other307     33.5%     Bachelor's254      Mathematics
13.1311Mathematics Teacher Education3,581     -21.2%     Bachelor's1,690      Secondary and Vocational Education
27.0101Mathematics, General24,651     16.4%     Bachelor's17,379      Mathematics
27.0199Mathematics, Other394     14.9%     Bachelor's312      Mathematics
12.0506Meat Cutting/Meat Cutter28     -46.2%     Award < 1 yr14      Meat Cutting and Butchering
47.9999Mechanic and Repair Technologies/Technicians, Other769     -8.5%     Associate's475      Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers Programs
15.1306Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD1,288     17.5%     Associate's549      Drafting
14.1901Mechanical Engineering39,076     38.8%     Bachelor's29,549      Mechanical Engineering
15.0899Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians, Other702     36.6%     Award < 1 yr344      Mechanical Engineering Technology
15.0805Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Technology/Technician3,913     36.5%     Bachelor's1,853      Mechanical Engineering Technology
47.0000Mechanics and Repairers, General190     74.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr110      Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers Programs
14.4201Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering407     373.3%     Master's161      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
51.0716Medical Administrative/Executive Assistant and Medical Secretary13,196     0.6%     Award < 1 yr6,298      Medical Office and Clerical
45.0203Medical Anthropology52     5100.0%     Bachelor's51      Anthropology and Archeology
51.2799Medical Illustration and Informatics, Other10     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr6      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.2703Medical Illustration/Medical Illustrator82     -15.5%     Bachelor's51      Arts and Crafts
51.2706Medical Informatics1,122     125.8%     Master's666      Computer Systems
51.0713Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder11,028     -21.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr6,581      Medical Records
51.0714Medical Insurance Specialist/Medical Biller10,317     -38.8%     Award < 1 yr4,731      Medical Office and Clerical
26.0503Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology663     -33.0%     Bachelor's382      Medical Science
51.0710Medical Office Assistant/Specialist9,103     6.8%     Associate's3,551      Medical Office and Clerical
51.0709Medical Office Computer Specialist/Assistant417     -14.2%     Award 1 to < 2 yr313      Computer Systems
51.0705Medical Office Management/Administration4,342     -0.4%     Associate's1,956      Clerical Supervision and Management
51.0907Medical Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiation Therapist6,147     -17.3%     Associate's3,931      Medical Radiologic Technology
51.0712Medical Reception/Receptionist442     -27.5%     Award < 1 yr296      Office Clerical
51.1401Medical Scientist639     39.8%     Master's537      Medical Science
51.0717Medical Staff Services Technology/Technician51     -15.0%     Associate's46      Medical Services Management
51.0708Medical Transcription/Transcriptionist378     -66.1%     Award < 1 yr233      Medical Transcription
51.0801Medical/Clinical Assistant77,811     -22.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr51,778      Medical Assisting
51.0711Medical/Health Management and Clinical Assistant/Specialist1,612     142.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr692      Clerical Supervision and Management
51.2603Medication Aide968     23.3%     Award < 1 yr966      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.2004Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry187     43.8%     Doctor's research103      Pharmacy
51.1201Medicine18,680     13.9%     Doctor's prof prac18,680      Medicine
30.1301Medieval and Renaissance Studies88     -25.4%     Bachelor's24      History
47.0613Medium/Heavy Vehicle and Truck Technology/Technician2,235     252.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr967      Diesel Engine Repair
52.0907Meeting and Event Planning885     105.3%     Bachelor's501      Meeting and Event Planning
51.1599Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions, Other2,543     4.6%     Associate's956      Counseling
51.1508Mental Health Counseling/Counselor5,621     73.7%     Master's5,247      Counseling
52.1802Merchandising and Buying Operations73     0.0%     Associate's35      Purchasing
50.0713Metal and Jewelry Arts1,013     6.3%     Award < 1 yr789      Arts and Crafts
46.0411Metal Building Assembly/Assembler7     40.0%     Award < 1 yr7      Metal Fabrication
48.0511Metal Fabricator410     228.0%     Award < 1 yr200      Metal Fabrication
14.2001Metallurgical Engineering229     25.8%     Bachelor's168      Materials Engineering
15.0611Metallurgical Technology/Technician90     32.4%     Associate's57      All Other Engineering Technology
40.0404Meteorology224     -11.8%     Bachelor's186      Atmospheric/Space Science
26.0599Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Other257     13.7%     Bachelor's148      Biological/Life Science
26.0508Microbiology and Immunology247     28.6%     Bachelor's109      Biological/Life Science
26.0502Microbiology, General2,666     19.1%     Bachelor's2,239      Biological/Life Science
16.1100Middle/Near Eastern and Semitic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General55     103.7%     Bachelor's20      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.1199Middle/Near Eastern and Semitic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other181     3.4%     Bachelor's81      Foreign Languages and Literatures
54.0108Military History248     18.7%     Master's148      History
14.2101Mining and Mineral Engineering533     62.5%     Bachelor's336      Mining Engineering
15.0999Mining and Petroleum Technologies/Technicians, Other5     -66.7%     Associate's5      Mining/ Petroleum Technology
15.0901Mining Technology/Technician107     -28.2%     Award < 1 yr78      Mining/ Petroleum Technology
39.0301Missions/Missionary Studies and Missiology1,304     32.1%     Bachelor's478      Religious Education
49.0206Mobil Crane Operation/Operator0     N/A     Award < 1 yr0      Construction and Heavy Equipment Operation
11.0804Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation484     167.4%     Bachelor's336      Digital Graphics
16.0601Modern Greek Language and Literature3     -40.0%     Bachelor's3      Foreign Languages and Literatures
26.0205Molecular Biochemistry520     4.2%     Bachelor's370      Biological/Life Science
26.0204Molecular Biology1,205     11.1%     Bachelor's803      Biological/Life Science
26.0206Molecular Biophysics18     63.6%     Doctor's research17      Biological/Life Science
26.0802Molecular Genetics285     -5.9%     Bachelor's171      Biological/Life Science
26.1401Molecular Medicine85     63.5%     Doctor's research45      Medical Science
26.1002Molecular Pharmacology66     34.7%     Doctor's research55      Medical Science
26.0902Molecular Physiology39     8.3%     Doctor's research33      Medical Science
26.1005Molecular Toxicology5     66.7%     Doctor's research5      Medical Science
13.1207Montessori Teacher Education283     -9.3%     Master's174      Secondary and Vocational Education
12.0303Mortuary Science and Embalming/Embalmer192     28.9%     Associate's192      Funeral Services and Mortuary Science
47.0611Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Technology/Technician1,887     -48.8%     Award 2 to < 4 yr1,092      Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair
51.3699Movement and Mind-Body Therapies and Education, Other96     -27.3%     Award 1 to < 2 yr61      All Other Therapy
51.3601Movement Therapy and Movement Education103     83.9%     Bachelor's46      All Other Therapy
30.0000Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General4,477     97.4%     Bachelor's4,165      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
30.9999Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other32,750     -8.9%     Bachelor's24,092      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
13.0202Multicultural Education193     37.9%     Master's86      Adult and Continuing Education
30.1401Museology/Museum Studies690     20.0%     Master's495      Archival Science
50.0902Music History, Literature, and Theory156     -13.8%     Bachelor's102      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
50.1003Music Management2,011     33.1%     Bachelor's1,570      Music
50.0912Music Pedagogy141     2.2%     Bachelor's69      Music
50.0903Music Performance, General8,043     -0.7%     Bachelor's4,311      Music
13.1312Music Teacher Education4,732     -9.2%     Bachelor's3,385      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0913Music Technology1,060     294.1%     Bachelor's413      Music
50.0904Music Theory and Composition1,359     48.8%     Bachelor's894      Music
51.2305Music Therapy/Therapist512     43.4%     Bachelor's353      All Other Therapy
50.0901Music, General10,933     -3.9%     Bachelor's7,392      Music
50.0999Music, Other1,077     -35.0%     Bachelor's619      Music
47.0404Musical Instrument Fabrication and Repair228     2.7%     Award < 1 yr97      Musical Instrument Repair
50.0509Musical Theatre632     83.7%     Bachelor's566      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
50.0905Musicology and Ethnomusicology152     -1.9%     Master's52      Music
12.0410Nail Technician/Specialist and Manicurist8,470     19.1%     Award < 1 yr8,203      Barbering/Cosmetology
15.1601Nanotechnology120     48.1%     Master's45      All Other Engineering Technology
45.0902National Security Policy Studies666     49.3%     Master's451      Political Science
51.2005Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy9     12.5%     Doctor's research6      Pharmacy
03.0204Natural Resource Economics110     23.6%     Bachelor's75      Economics
03.0207Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism90     95.7%     Bachelor's47      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
03.9999Natural Resources and Conservation, Other231     -14.1%     Bachelor's183      Forestry and Conservation
03.0199Natural Resources Conservation and Research, Other160     18.5%     Master's59      Forestry and Conservation
03.0208Natural Resources Law Enforcement and Protective Services138     34.0%     Award < 1 yr66      Law Enforcement
03.0201Natural Resources Management and Policy1,346     7.9%     Bachelor's653      Forestry and Conservation
03.0299Natural Resources Management and Policy, Other458     -51.3%     Bachelor's273      Forestry and Conservation
03.0101Natural Resources/Conservation, General2,244     -15.4%     Bachelor's1,271      Forestry and Conservation
30.1801Natural Sciences2,393     33.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr965      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
51.3303Naturopathic Medicine/Naturopathy409     36.8%     Doctor's prof prac409      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
14.2201Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering494     15.2%     Bachelor's424      Marine Engineering/Naval Architecture
05.0108Near and Middle Eastern Studies378     -18.0%     Bachelor's183      Area Studies
11.1001Network and System Administration/Administrator6,322     81.5%     Award < 1 yr2,791      Computer Systems
26.1503Neurobiology and Anatomy908     17.3%     Bachelor's797      Biological/Life Science
26.1504Neurobiology and Behavior184     54.6%     Bachelor's128      Biological/Life Science
26.1599Neurobiology and Neurosciences, Other13     1200.0%     Bachelor's7      Biological/Life Science
26.1003Neuropharmacology22     69.2%     Master's22      Medical Science
26.1501Neuroscience5,861     54.5%     Bachelor's5,063      Biological/Life Science
52.0206Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management2,940     18.7%     Master's1,744      Business Management and Administration
16.0505Norwegian Language and Literature2     0.0%     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
41.0299Nuclear and Industrial Radiologic Technologies/Technicians, Other6     -70.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr4      Nuclear/Radiologic Technology
14.2301Nuclear Engineering1,041     -6.3%     Bachelor's508      Nuclear Engineering
15.1401Nuclear Engineering Technology/Technician352     13.9%     Bachelor's178      Nuclear/Radiologic Technology
51.0905Nuclear Medical Technology/Technologist710     -22.7%     Bachelor's321      Nuclear Medical Technology
40.0806Nuclear Physics2     N/A     Doctor's research2      Physics/Astronomy
41.0205Nuclear/Nuclear Power Technology/Technician176     -13.7%     Associate's150      Nuclear/Radiologic Technology
51.3804Nurse Anesthetist1,877     4.4%     Master's1,603      Nurse Anesthetist
51.3807Nurse Midwife/Nursing Midwifery370     54.2%     Master's341      Nursing
51.3802Nursing Administration6,375     107.5%     Master's5,262      Medical Services Management
51.3902Nursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant/Aide43,005     -5.2%     Award < 1 yr41,093      Nurse Assisting
51.3817Nursing Education2,252     108.1%     Master's1,773      Nursing
51.3818Nursing Practice4,410     55.8%     Doctor's prof prac1,961      Nursing
51.3808Nursing Science4,673     32.0%     Master's2,103      Nursing
30.1901Nutrition Sciences3,287     32.4%     Bachelor's2,211      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.3815Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing28     133.3%     Master's22      Nursing
51.2206Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene318     28.7%     Bachelor's192      Occupational Safety and Health
15.0701Occupational Safety and Health Technology/Technician3,492     84.6%     Bachelor's1,606      Occupational Safety and Health
51.0803Occupational Therapist Assistant5,130     36.6%     Associate's5,084      Occupational Therapy Assisting
51.2306Occupational Therapy/Therapist7,684     25.4%     Master's6,191      Occupational Therapy
14.2401Ocean Engineering308     25.7%     Bachelor's190      All Other Engineering
40.0607Oceanography, Chemical and Physical570     5.4%     Bachelor's233      Earth Science
52.0204Office Management and Supervision4,524     16.5%     Award < 1 yr1,765      Clerical Supervision and Management
26.0911Oncology and Cancer Biology142     1.4%     Doctor's research121      Medical Science
52.0205Operations Management and Supervision5,608     8.1%     Bachelor's3,143      Line Supervision
14.3701Operations Research1,437     27.6%     Master's860      Quantitative Business Analysis
51.1899Ophthalmic and Optometric Support Services and Allied Professions, Other47     -66.4%     Award < 1 yr32      Medical Assisting
51.1006Ophthalmic Laboratory Technology/Technician83     N/A     Award < 1 yr83      Optical Technology
51.1803Ophthalmic Technician/Technologist295     45.3%     Associate's143      Ophthalmic and Optometric Support
51.1801Opticianry/Ophthalmic Dispensing Optician608     -21.8%     Associate's319      Optical Dispensing
40.0807Optics/Optical Sciences236     18.0%     Master's122      Physics/Astronomy
51.1802Optometric Technician/Assistant266     3.5%     Associate's106      Ophthalmic and Optometric Support
51.1701Optometry1,652     17.2%     Doctor's prof prac1,652      Optometry
51.0503Oral Biology and Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology160     64.9%     Master's127      Dentistry
51.0507Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery36     33.3%     Post-mast cert36      Dentistry
40.0504Organic Chemistry5     -44.4%     Doctor's research3      Chemistry
52.1003Organizational Behavior Studies4,740     -16.0%     Bachelor's2,587      Human Resources Management
09.0901Organizational Communication, General1,607     28.6%     Bachelor's1,296      Advertising/Public Relations
52.0213Organizational Leadership8,491     159.5%     Master's4,268      Business Management and Administration
01.0603Ornamental Horticulture153     -50.3%     Associate's64      Garden and Landscaping Services
51.0508Orthodontics/Orthodontology272     19.8%     Post-mast cert166      Dentistry
51.1804Orthoptics/Orthoptist2     -96.7%     Post-bach cert2      Ophthalmic and Optometric Support
51.2307Orthotist/Prosthetist352     25.7%     Master's202      Optical Technology
51.1901Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy5,466     29.3%     Doctor's prof prac5,466      Medicine
31.0601Outdoor Education227     58.7%     Bachelor's118      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
05.0109Pacific Area/Pacific Rim Studies34     183.3%     Bachelor's29      Area Studies
15.1503Packaging Science459     54.5%     Bachelor's410      Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
50.0708Painting817     -14.2%     Bachelor's646      Arts and Crafts
46.0408Painting/Painter and Wall Coverer50     138.1%     Award 1 to < 2 yr31      Painting/ Wallpapering
40.0604Paleontology13     160.0%     Bachelor's7      Earth Science
51.3819Palliative Care Nursing29     -12.1%     Bachelor's9      Nursing
14.4001Paper Science and Engineering30     42.9%     Bachelor's10      All Other Engineering
26.0505Parasitology2     -50.0%     Post-bach cert2      Biological/Life Science
31.0301Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management, General3,743     3.3%     Bachelor's3,076      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
31.0399Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management, Other19     171.4%     Bachelor's19      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
31.0101Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies3,621     5.3%     Bachelor's3,131      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
31.9999Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies, Other285     -7.5%     Bachelor's139      Parks, Recreation and Fitness
47.0409Parts and Warehousing Operations and Maintenance Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Business Management and Administration
52.0409Parts, Warehousing, and Inventory Management Operations271     -35.2%     Award < 1 yr257      Business Management and Administration
39.0799Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries, Other471     34.6%     Master's239      Clergy/Religious Workers
39.0701Pastoral Studies/Counseling1,552     5.9%     Master's666      Clergy/Religious Workers
26.0910Pathology/Experimental Pathology279     -7.6%     Doctor's research172      Medical Science
51.0811Pathology/Pathologist Assistant84     21.7%     Master's75      Medical Laboratory Technician
30.0501Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution1,279     7.4%     Master's610      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
51.0509Pediatric Dentistry/Pedodontics117     19.4%     Post-mast cert94      Dentistry
51.3809Pediatric Nurse/Nursing369     34.7%     Master's336      Nursing
50.0916Percussion Instruments59     5.4%     Bachelor's25      Music
51.0906Perfusion Technology/Perfusionist74     13.8%     Master's59      Cardiology Technology
51.0510Periodontics/Periodontology105     -2.8%     Post-mast cert80      Dentistry
51.3812Perioperative/Operating Room and Surgical Nurse/Nursing168     166.7%     Master's141      Nursing
12.0411Permanent Cosmetics/Makeup and Tattooing7     600.0%     Award < 1 yr7      Barbering/Cosmetology
12.9999Personal and Culinary Services, Other514     -54.9%     Award < 1 yr501      Food Preparation
42.2705Personality Psychology18     -37.9%     Bachelor's12      Psychology
14.2501Petroleum Engineering2,610     63.7%     Bachelor's1,984      Petroleum Engineering
15.0903Petroleum Technology/Technician1,329     140.3%     Associate's694      Mining/ Petroleum Technology
51.2011Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management97     49.2%     Bachelor's75      Pharmacy
51.2010Pharmaceutical Sciences1,177     130.8%     Bachelor's865      Pharmacy
51.2003Pharmaceutics and Drug Design425     -8.4%     Doctor's research160      Pharmacy
51.2007Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmaceutical Economics140     52.2%     Doctor's prof prac92      Pharmacy
26.1001Pharmacology530     37.0%     Doctor's research258      Medical Science
26.1007Pharmacology and Toxicology250     29.5%     Master's124      Medical Science
26.1099Pharmacology and Toxicology, Other29     N/A     Award < 1 yr29      Medical Science
51.2001Pharmacy15,779     15.1%     Doctor's prof prac14,664      Pharmacy
51.2002Pharmacy Administration and Pharmacy Policy and Regulatory Affairs469     1.3%     Master's398      Pharmacy
51.0805Pharmacy Technician/Assistant13,087     -27.2%     Award 1 to < 2 yr6,878      Pharmacy Support
51.2099Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration, Other850     -9.3%     Bachelor's489      Pharmacy
38.0101Philosophy7,111     -17.9%     Bachelor's5,652      Philosophy and Religion
38.0001Philosophy and Religious Studies, General132     48.3%     Bachelor's96      Philosophy and Religion
38.9999Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other314     -35.1%     Bachelor's209      Philosophy and Religion
38.0199Philosophy, Other205     36.7%     Bachelor's202      Philosophy and Religion
51.1009Phlebotomy Technician/Phlebotomist8,378     18.6%     Award < 1 yr7,906      Miscellaneous Health Services
10.0201Photographic and Film/Video Technology/Technician and Assistant934     12.7%     Associate's355      Communication Technologies
50.0605Photography2,935     -9.2%     Bachelor's1,547      Photography
09.0404Photojournalism167     -2.3%     Bachelor's141      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
45.0202Physical and Biological Anthropology45     -39.2%     Bachelor's29      Anthropology and Archeology
40.0506Physical Chemistry13     -7.1%     Doctor's research11      Chemistry
13.1314Physical Education Teaching and Coaching10,164     -12.4%     Bachelor's7,741      Secondary and Vocational Education
31.0507Physical Fitness Technician1,889     139.1%     Award < 1 yr937      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
41.0399Physical Science Technologies/Technicians, Other10     -65.5%     Associate's10      Science Technologies
40.0101Physical Sciences3,954     27.4%     Associate's3,563      Other Physical Sciences
40.9999Physical Sciences, Other527     -14.3%     Bachelor's346      Other Physical Sciences
51.0806Physical Therapy Technician/Assistant7,669     21.7%     Associate's7,253      Physical Therapy Assisting
51.2308Physical Therapy/Therapist11,884     19.4%     Doctor's prof prac9,709      Physical Therapy
51.0912Physician Assistant8,544     30.3%     Master's7,593      Physician Assisting
13.1329Physics Teacher Education95     -22.1%     Master's57      Secondary and Vocational Education
40.0801Physics, General11,001     23.5%     Bachelor's6,675      Physics/Astronomy
40.0899Physics, Other445     26.1%     Bachelor's248      Physics/Astronomy
42.2706Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology1,268     29.7%     Bachelor's1,215      Psychology
26.0901Physiology, General2,418     22.6%     Bachelor's1,614      Medical Science
26.0999Physiology, Pathology, and Related Sciences, Other15     -61.5%     Doctor's research10      Medical Science
46.0502Pipefitting/Pipefitter and Sprinkler Fitter602     14.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr299      Plumbing
40.0203Planetary Astronomy and Science31     55.0%     Master's17      Physics/Astronomy
26.0805Plant Genetics29     45.0%     Doctor's research17      Biological/Life Science
26.0308Plant Molecular Biology12     9.1%     Doctor's research11      Biological/Life Science
01.0606Plant Nursery Operations and Management188     8.7%     Award < 1 yr146      Garden and Landscaping Services
26.0305Plant Pathology/Phytopathology155     -2.5%     Master's69      Biological/Life Science
26.0307Plant Physiology9     -30.8%     Doctor's research7      Biological/Life Science
01.1105Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management104     23.8%     Bachelor's50      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1101Plant Sciences, General605     43.7%     Bachelor's457      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1199Plant Sciences, Other114     8.6%     Master's60      Agricultural/Food Sciences
15.0607Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology/Technician417     75.2%     Award 1 to < 2 yr112      All Other Engineering Technology
10.0306Platemaker/Imager11     -35.3%     Associate's10      Printing
50.0504Playwriting and Screenwriting564     28.8%     Master's276      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
46.0599Plumbing and Related Water Supply Services, Other67     570.0%     Award < 1 yr54      Plumbing
46.0503Plumbing Technology/Plumber1,405     10.8%     Award < 1 yr668      Plumbing
51.2101Podiatric Medicine/Podiatry544     1.7%     Doctor's prof prac544      Podiatry
51.3703Polarity Therapy8     -50.0%     Award < 1 yr8      All Other Therapy
16.0407Polish Language and Literature3     200.0%     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
09.0904Political Communication100     31.6%     Bachelor's70      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
45.1004Political Economy231     94.1%     Bachelor's222      Political Science
45.1001Political Science and Government, General36,917     -12.8%     Bachelor's33,096      Political Science
45.1099Political Science and Government, Other883     -4.5%     Bachelor's703      Political Science
40.0507Polymer Chemistry95     63.8%     Master's51      Chemistry
14.3201Polymer/Plastics Engineering279     9.4%     Bachelor's109      All Other Engineering
51.0917Polysomnography267     32.8%     Associate's106      Miscellaneous Health Services
26.1306Population Biology10     -52.4%     Doctor's research7      Biological/Life Science
16.0904Portuguese Language and Literature65     -12.2%     Bachelor's50      Foreign Languages and Literatures
01.0907Poultry Science147     -18.8%     Bachelor's118      Agricultural/Food Sciences
51.3999Practical Nursing, Vocational Nursing and Nursing Assistants, Other4,813     -30.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr4,133      LPN
51.1106Pre-Chiropractic Studies2     N/A     Associate's2      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
48.0599Precision Metal Working, Other348     78.5%     Award < 1 yr121      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
48.0000Precision Production Trades, General7     -68.2%     Associate's6      Miscellaneous Production-Related Programs
48.9999Precision Production, Other137     -22.6%     Associate's65      Miscellaneous Production-Related Programs
47.0499Precision Systems Maintenance and Repair Technologies, Other69     -54.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr33      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
51.1101Pre-Dentistry Studies94     -22.3%     Associate's44      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
14.0102Pre-Engineering1,239     94.8%     Associate's1,081      All Other Engineering
22.0001Pre-Law Studies391     -4.6%     Bachelor's274      Legal Services
51.1102Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies1,939     24.8%     Bachelor's957      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.1105Pre-Nursing Studies1,983     31.9%     Associate's1,136      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.1107Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies121     13.1%     Bachelor's85      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.1108Pre-Optometry Studies9     200.0%     Bachelor's5      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.1103Pre-Pharmacy Studies191     6.1%     Associate's155      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.1109Pre-Physical Therapy Studies271     12.0%     Bachelor's212      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
10.0303Prepress/Desktop Publishing and Digital Imaging Design872     1.0%     Associate's390      Desktop Publishing Equipment Operation
39.0604Pre-Theology/Pre-Ministerial Studies267     13.6%     Bachelor's184      Clergy/Religious Workers
51.1104Pre-Veterinary Studies506     64.8%     Bachelor's338      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
10.0302Printing Management84     47.4%     Bachelor's83      Printing
10.0307Printing Press Operator65     -31.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr48      Printing Press Operation
50.0710Printmaking186     -38.0%     Bachelor's135      Arts and Crafts
23.1303Professional, Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing2,314     72.7%     Award < 1 yr1,035      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
22.0202Programs for Foreign Lawyers1,295     52.5%     Master's1,277      Legal Services
52.0211Project Management2,893     158.1%     Master's1,481      Business Management and Administration
51.0511Prosthodontics/Prosthodontology88     6.0%     Post-mast cert56      Dentistry
43.0120Protective Services Operations1     N/A     Bachelor's1      Emergency Management
51.3810Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse/Nursing508     52.6%     Master's317      Nursing
51.1502Psychiatric/Mental Health Services Technician3,178     11.1%     Associate's1,770      Psychiatric Assisting
51.1507Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy13     -53.6%     Doctor's prof prac7      Psychology
13.1335Psychology Teacher Education4     -69.2%     Bachelor's4      Secondary and Vocational Education
42.0101Psychology, General127,440     10.2%     Bachelor's108,575      Psychology
42.9999Psychology, Other3,004     50.7%     Master's1,953      Psychology
42.2708Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology22     29.4%     Master's13      Psychology
42.2709Psychopharmacology10     -73.0%     Master's10      Psychology
44.0401Public Administration17,036     1.3%     Master's12,731      Public Administration
44.9999Public Administration and Social Service Professions, Other1,036     -43.8%     Master's327      Public Administration
52.0808Public Finance38     72.7%     Master's14      Finance and Financial Management Services
51.2207Public Health Education and Promotion3,975     44.8%     Bachelor's2,858      Community Health Work
51.2201Public Health, General15,333     67.9%     Master's8,992      Medical Services Management
51.2299Public Health, Other2,460     31.6%     Bachelor's1,299      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.3811Public Health/Community Nurse/Nursing318     47.9%     Master's226      Nursing
44.0501Public Policy Analysis, General4,580     9.0%     Master's2,708      Public Administration
44.0599Public Policy Analysis, Other89     709.1%     Master's71      Public Administration
09.0900Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication2,003     86.5%     Bachelor's1,763      Advertising/Public Relations
09.0999Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication, Other1,337     13.2%     Bachelor's1,154      Advertising/Public Relations
09.0902Public Relations/Image Management5,562     14.4%     Bachelor's4,808      Advertising/Public Relations
54.0105Public/Applied History156     -38.3%     Master's67      Archival Science
09.1001Publishing213     11.5%     Master's200      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
52.0202Purchasing, Procurement/Acquisitions and Contracts Management1,426     3.7%     Bachelor's627      Business Management and Administration
15.0799Quality Control and Safety Technologies/Technicians, Other295     6.5%     Award < 1 yr213      Quality Control/Inspection
15.0702Quality Control Technology/Technician683     17.2%     Award < 1 yr238      Quality Control/Inspection
39.0605Rabbinical Studies139     -33.2%     Master's92      Clergy/Religious Workers
26.0209Radiation Biology/Radiobiology27     22.7%     Doctor's research11      Biological/Life Science
51.0916Radiation Protection/Health Physics Technician59     -58.5%     Associate's40      Occupational Safety and Health
09.0701Radio and Television7,230     2.4%     Bachelor's5,220      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
10.0202Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology/Technician1,603     -8.7%     Associate's715      Communication Technologies
09.0799Radio, Television, and Digital Communication, Other1,076     -4.3%     Bachelor's989      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.0911Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiographer9,356     19.3%     Associate's6,218      Medical Radiologic Technology
51.0814Radiologist Assistant85     73.5%     Associate's57      Miscellaneous Health Services
49.0208Railroad and Railway Transportation307     -8.9%     Award < 1 yr270      Railroad and Railway Transportation
01.1106Range Science and Management204     16.6%     Bachelor's118      Agricultural/Food Sciences
13.1315Reading Teacher Education6,418     -28.4%     Master's5,388      Secondary and Vocational Education
52.1501Real Estate3,686     38.2%     Award < 1 yr1,594      Real Estate
04.1001Real Estate Development275     88.4%     Master's259      Architecture
52.0406Receptionist225     95.7%     Award < 1 yr127      Office Clerical
10.0203Recording Arts Technology/Technician5,293     -2.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr1,727      Communication Technologies
05.0122Regional Studies (US, Canadian, Foreign)52     -38.1%     Bachelor's22      Area Studies
51.3899Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing, Other4,782     29.1%     Bachelor's2,364      Nursing
51.3801Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse233,304     21.0%     Bachelor's131,980      Nursing
51.2604Rehabilitation Aide314     4.0%     Award < 1 yr200      Rehabilitation Assisting
51.2399Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions, Other1,364     23.1%     Bachelor's833      All Other Therapy
51.2314Rehabilitation Science1,012     81.4%     Bachelor's783      All Other Therapy
51.3704Reiki5     150.0%     Award < 1 yr5      All Other Therapy
38.0201Religion/Religious Studies4,380     -15.2%     Bachelor's3,300      Philosophy and Religion
38.0299Religion/Religious Studies, Other162     -43.9%     Bachelor's79      Philosophy and Religion
39.0401Religious Education1,672     -1.5%     Bachelor's916      Religious Education
39.0501Religious/Sacred Music501     10.4%     Bachelor's331      Music
51.1011Renal/Dialysis Technologist/Technician844     30.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr530      Miscellaneous Health Services
26.0905Reproductive Biology10     -9.1%     Award < 1 yr4      Medical Science
52.0210Research and Development Management180     386.5%     Master's151      Business Management and Administration
42.2799Research and Experimental Psychology, Other2,006     66766.7%     Bachelor's1,863      Psychology
45.0102Research Methodology and Quantitative Methods44     193.3%     Master's18      Social Science, General
52.0906Resort Management413     95.7%     Bachelor's325      Food Service and Lodging Management
51.0908Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist7,458     -4.3%     Associate's5,644      Respiratory Therapy
51.0812Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant804     -22.8%     Associate's457      Respiratory Therapy
12.0504Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager2,729     13.6%     Associate's960      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0905Restaurant/Food Services Management1,844     49.8%     Bachelor's749      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0212Retail Management684     104.8%     Bachelor's251      Business Management and Administration
52.1803Retailing and Retail Operations872     5.3%     Bachelor's331      Sales
23.1304Rhetoric and Composition3,126     -43.6%     Bachelor's2,781      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
23.1399Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies, Other105     150.0%     Bachelor's34      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
15.0405Robotics Technology/Technician340     32.8%     Associate's205      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
16.0900Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General262     -1.1%     Bachelor's130      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.0999Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other163     -11.9%     Bachelor's65      Foreign Languages and Literatures
46.0410Roofer145     23.9%     Award < 1 yr145      Roofing
45.1401Rural Sociology26     23.8%     Bachelor's26      Sociology
16.0402Russian Language and Literature339     -18.5%     Bachelor's304      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0110Russian Studies149     -15.3%     Bachelor's80      Area Studies
05.0105Russian, Central European, East European and Eurasian Studies78     25.8%     Master's43      Area Studies
13.1310Sales and Marketing Operations/Marketing and Distribution Teacher Education35     -76.2%     Award < 1 yr21      Secondary and Vocational Education
52.1801Sales, Distribution, and Marketing Operations, General2,960     23.7%     Bachelor's1,380      Sales
12.0412Salon/Beauty Salon Management/Manager363     51.3%     Award < 1 yr116      Barbering/Cosmetology
16.0502Scandinavian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics13     0.0%     Bachelor's5      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0111Scandinavian Studies25     -3.8%     Bachelor's18      Area Studies
13.1334School Librarian/School Library Media Specialist278     25.8%     Master's193      Library Science
42.2805School Psychology2,982     7.8%     Master's1,880      Psychology
13.1316Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education1,446     -24.1%     Master's720      Secondary and Vocational Education
41.0000Science Technologies/Technicians, General119     98.3%     Associate's73      Science Technologies
41.9999Science Technologies/Technicians, Other1,856     49.0%     Associate's965      Science Technologies
30.1501Science, Technology and Society897     26.0%     Bachelor's733      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
50.0709Sculpture321     -19.1%     Bachelor's258      Arts and Crafts
13.1205Secondary Education and Teaching10,381     -28.2%     Master's5,684      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.0409Secondary School Administration/Principalship416     -39.3%     Master's280      Educational Administration
43.0112Securities Services Administration/Management1,820     7.5%     Bachelor's842      Security Services
43.0109Security and Loss Prevention Services1,058     32.4%     Award 1 to < 2 yr464      Security Services
47.0110Security System Installation, Repair, and Inspection Technology/Technician81     -40.9%     Award 1 to < 2 yr79      Electrical
52.1804Selling Skills and Sales Operations988     37.2%     Award < 1 yr457      Sales
15.0616Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology6     200.0%     Associate's6      Electrical/Electronic Technology
48.0506Sheet Metal Technology/Sheetworking252     -29.8%     Award 1 to < 2 yr130      Metal Fabrication
48.0304Shoe, Boot and Leather Repair0     -100.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Shoe and Leather Work and Repair
16.1603Sign Language Interpretation and Translation1,853     9.5%     Associate's730      Interpreter/Translator
16.0400Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General126     -14.3%     Bachelor's50      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0118Slavic Studies4     -42.9%     Doctor's research3      Area Studies
16.0499Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
52.0703Small Business Administration/Management1,539     67.8%     Award < 1 yr945      Business Management and Administration
47.0606Small Engine Mechanics and Repair Technology/Technician309     -24.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr140      Small Engine/Systems Repair
51.2508Small/Companion Animal Surgery and Medicine2     -33.3%     Master's2      Veterinary Medicine
13.0901Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education593     -27.0%     Master's430      Education
42.2707Social Psychology1,282     28.2%     Bachelor's1,084      Psychology
13.1317Social Science Teacher Education560     -29.3%     Bachelor's444      Secondary and Vocational Education
45.0101Social Sciences, General19,496     -8.1%     Associate's11,929      Social Science, General
45.9999Social Sciences, Other2,740     2.0%     Bachelor's1,874      Social Science, General
13.1318Social Studies Teacher Education1,811     -36.3%     Bachelor's1,230      Secondary and Vocational Education
44.0701Social Work51,930     21.6%     Master's27,191      Social Work
44.0799Social Work, Other547     101.1%     Master's189      Social Work
45.1101Sociology33,457     -0.4%     Bachelor's28,079      Sociology
45.1301Sociology and Anthropology433     18.6%     Bachelor's429      Social Science, General
01.1202Soil Chemistry and Physics34     41.7%     Bachelor's30      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1201Soil Science and Agronomy, General408     43.2%     Bachelor's232      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1299Soil Sciences, Other54     -10.0%     Bachelor's33      Agricultural/Food Sciences
15.0505Solar Energy Technology/Technician252     -47.7%     Award < 1 yr134      All Other Engineering Technology
51.3503Somatic Bodywork68     -56.7%     Award < 1 yr51      Massage
51.3599Somatic Bodywork and Related Therapeutic Services, Other31     -6.1%     Award 1 to < 2 yr26      Massage
16.0700South Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General9     -10.0%     Doctor's research4      Foreign Languages and Literatures
05.0112South Asian Studies32     -8.6%     Bachelor's14      Area Studies
05.0113Southeast Asian Studies13     -45.8%     Master's11      Area Studies
05.0130Spanish and Iberian Studies12     9.1%     Bachelor's12      Area Studies
16.0905Spanish Language and Literature8,786     -16.1%     Bachelor's6,909      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1330Spanish Language Teacher Education503     -27.7%     Bachelor's299      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.1001Special Education and Teaching, General20,337     -14.3%     Master's12,268      Special Education
13.1099Special Education and Teaching, Other1,142     1.7%     Master's663      Special Education
52.1909Special Products Marketing Operations268     5.5%     Bachelor's178      Sales
52.1999Specialized Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing Operations, Other198     40.4%     Bachelor's101      Sales
09.0101Speech Communication and Rhetoric41,484     19.5%     Bachelor's34,107      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
13.1331Speech Teacher Education68     -46.5%     Master's24      Secondary and Vocational Education
51.0816Speech-Language Pathology Assistant180     76.5%     Associate's74      Miscellaneous Health Services
51.0203Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist4,931     30.3%     Master's3,302      Speech Pathology/Audiology
31.0504Sport and Fitness Administration/Management14,238     39.8%     Bachelor's9,520      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
09.0906Sports Communication192     200.0%     Bachelor's138      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
31.0508Sports Studies331     16.5%     Bachelor's207      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
27.0501Statistics, General5,266     69.6%     Master's3,013      Mathematics
27.0599Statistics, Other206     64.8%     Bachelor's91      Mathematics
51.1012Sterile Processing Technology/Technician874     300.9%     Award < 1 yr540      Surgical Technology
50.0911Stringed Instruments539     3.1%     Master's227      Music
26.0207Structural Biology9     28.6%     Doctor's research6      Biological/Life Science
14.0803Structural Engineering457     10.9%     Master's223      Civil Engineering
13.1199Student Counseling and Personnel Services, Other451     12.8%     Master's318      Student Counseling
51.1501Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling5,436     -5.2%     Associate's1,481      Counseling
13.0411Superintendency and Educational System Administration888     -31.9%     Post-mast cert450      Educational Administration
51.0909Surgical Technology/Technologist8,235     -14.4%     Award 1 to < 2 yr3,759      Surgical Technology
14.3801Surveying Engineering72     -42.4%     Bachelor's30      Surveying/Cartography
15.1102Surveying Technology/Surveying579     -36.6%     Associate's205      Surveying/Cartography
30.3301Sustainability Studies1,097     105.4%     Bachelor's490      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
16.0506Swedish Language and Literature2     -66.7%     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
11.1002System, Networking, and LAN/WAN Management/Manager1,472     3.6%     Associate's545      Computer Systems
26.1308Systematic Biology/Biological Systematics9     350.0%     Doctor's research8      Biological/Life Science
14.2701Systems Engineering3,740     11.0%     Master's2,144      All Other Engineering
30.0601Systems Science and Theory598     31.4%     Bachelor's328      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
39.0606Talmudic Studies2,824     26.6%     Bachelor's1,978      Philosophy and Religion
22.0211Tax Law/Taxation910     13.2%     Master's809      Legal Services
52.1601Taxation1,826     -8.8%     Master's1,591      Accounting
01.0508Taxidermy/Taxidermist9     -79.1%     Award < 1 yr8      Agricultural Services and Supplies
13.1501Teacher Assistant/Aide1,998     6.1%     Associate's1,289      Teaching Assisting
13.1299Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods, Other4,936     -7.8%     Master's3,190      Education
13.1399Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas, Other2,223     -33.8%     Master's1,385      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.1206Teacher Education, Multiple Levels7,419     -16.4%     Master's3,754      Education
13.1599Teaching Assistants/Aides, Other10     0.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr8      Teaching Assisting
13.1401Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor5,555     4.3%     Master's3,350      Education
13.1499Teaching English or French as a Second or Foreign Language, Other35     -10.3%     Bachelor's26      Education
13.1402Teaching French as a Second or Foreign Language0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Education
09.0908Technical and Scientific Communication78     14.7%     Bachelor's49      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
13.1319Technical Teacher Education476     -34.6%     Master's207      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0502Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology1,095     40.4%     Bachelor's659      Design
13.1309Technology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher Education671     -28.9%     Master's296      Secondary and Vocational Education
14.1004Telecommunications Engineering362     12.4%     Master's222      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
52.2101Telecommunications Management10     100.0%     Award < 1 yr7      Business Management and Administration
15.0305Telecommunications Technology/Technician828     21.9%     Award < 1 yr325      Electrical/Electronic Technology
43.0304Terrorism and Counterterrorism Operations169     213.0%     Award < 1 yr71      Emergency Management
19.0904Textile Science2     100.0%     Doctor's research2      Clothing Production
14.2801Textile Sciences and Engineering359     8.5%     Bachelor's271      All Other Engineering
50.0505Theatre Literature, History and Criticism51     18.6%     Bachelor's40      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
50.1004Theatre/Theatre Arts Management203     47.1%     Bachelor's157      Dramatic Arts (Theater/Film)
39.0699Theological and Ministerial Studies, Other1,710     23.4%     Master's721      Clergy/Religious Workers
39.9999Theology and Religious Vocations, Other1,664     37.2%     Master's768      Clergy/Religious Workers
39.0601Theology/Theological Studies6,482     5.0%     Master's4,331      Clergy/Religious Workers
40.0810Theoretical and Mathematical Physics16     77.8%     Bachelor's16      Physics/Astronomy
40.0511Theoretical Chemistry10     N/A     Bachelor's10      Chemistry
51.2309Therapeutic Recreation/Recreational Therapy1,017     47.4%     Bachelor's765      Recreational Therapy
48.0507Tool and Die Technology/Technician925     83.2%     Award < 1 yr456      Tool and Die Making
27.0105Topology and Foundations0     N/A     Doctor's research0      Mathematics
52.0903Tourism and Travel Services Management1,430     -24.5%     Bachelor's623      Travel and Tourism Services
52.1905Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations269     -12.9%     Award < 1 yr97      Travel and Tourism Services
52.1906Tourism Promotion Operations43     -83.7%     Associate's36      Travel and Tourism Services
26.1004Toxicology198     -5.7%     Bachelor's82      Medical Science
13.1320Trade and Industrial Teacher Education875     -25.9%     Bachelor's597      Secondary and Vocational Education
51.3302Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbology222     -34.3%     Master's181      All Other Health Diagnosis and Treatment
52.0410Traffic, Customs, and Transportation Clerk/Technician131     227.5%     Award < 1 yr123      Office Clerical
14.0804Transportation and Highway Engineering142     59.6%     Master's119      Civil Engineering
49.9999Transportation and Materials Moving, Other27     -20.6%     Award 1 to < 2 yr20      Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
52.0209Transportation/Mobility Management652     203.3%     Bachelor's216      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
49.0205Truck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor19,151     14.8%     Award < 1 yr19,087      Truck and Bus Driving
01.0607Turf and Turfgrass Management470     -8.4%     Associate's220      Garden and Landscaping Services
16.1501Turkish Language and Literature0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
48.0303Upholstery/Upholsterer154     -54.0%     Award < 1 yr80      Upholstering
05.0120Ural-Altaic and Central Asian Studies15     15.4%     Master's9      Area Studies
16.1502Uralic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.0410Urban Education and Leadership731     37.9%     Master's464      Educational Administration
03.0508Urban Forestry59     7.3%     Associate's33      Forestry and Conservation
39.0703Urban Ministry79     -31.3%     Master's36      Clergy/Religious Workers
45.1201Urban Studies/Affairs1,372     -17.5%     Bachelor's950      Urban/Regional Planning
52.1907Vehicle and Vehicle Parts and Accessories Marketing Operations75     -26.5%     Bachelor's51      Sales
47.0612Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Technology/Technician7     16.7%     Award < 1 yr7      Automobile Mechanics
47.0600Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technologies, General388     44.2%     Award < 1 yr211      Automobile Mechanics
47.0699Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technologies, Other443     -31.1%     Associate's181      Miscellaneous Mechanics and Repairers Programs
51.2599Veterinary Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Other0     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Veterinary Medicine
51.2511Veterinary Infectious Diseases7     -53.3%     Doctor's research7      Veterinary Medicine
51.2401Veterinary Medicine2,859     9.3%     Doctor's prof prac2,859      Veterinary Medicine
51.2504Veterinary Microbiology and Immunobiology33     -8.3%     Bachelor's27      Veterinary Medicine
51.2505Veterinary Pathology and Pathobiology53     253.3%     Doctor's research41      Veterinary Medicine
51.2503Veterinary Physiology6     500.0%     Doctor's research6      Veterinary Medicine
51.2510Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health8     166.7%     Master's7      Veterinary Medicine
51.2501Veterinary Sciences/Veterinary Clinical Sciences, General451     -2.8%     Master's189      Veterinary Medicine
51.0808Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant9,870     32.6%     Associate's6,164      Veterinary Assisting/Technology
16.1408Vietnamese Language and Literature0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
26.0504Virology16     -11.1%     Doctor's research15      Biological/Life Science
26.0909Vision Science/Physiological Optics117     7.3%     Bachelor's69      Medical Science
50.0101Visual and Performing Arts, General3,080     12.7%     Bachelor's1,681      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
50.9999Visual and Performing Arts, Other965     -26.0%     Bachelor's431      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
01.0309Viticulture and Enology296     -2.6%     Associate's122      Farming
51.2310Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling/Counselor1,354     -3.1%     Master's859      Rehabilitation Counseling
50.0908Voice and Opera709     20.0%     Bachelor's331      Music
13.1208Waldorf/Steiner Teacher Education100     9900.0%     Post-bach cert79      Secondary and Vocational Education
47.0408Watchmaking and Jewelrymaking160     7.4%     Award < 1 yr63      Jewelry and Watch Repair
15.0506Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Management and Recycling Technology/Technician884     10.6%     Award < 1 yr452      Water and Waste Treatment
14.0805Water Resources Engineering105     15.4%     Master's71      Civil Engineering
03.0205Water, Wetlands, and Marine Resources Management308     77.0%     Master's148      Forestry and Conservation
11.0801Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design5,661     13.4%     Associate's1,838      Digital Graphics
11.1004Web/Multimedia Management and Webmaster1,017     25.9%     Associate's322      Digital Graphics
15.0614Welding Engineering Technology/Technician181     151.4%     Award < 1 yr138      All Other Engineering Technology
48.0508Welding Technology/Welder39,207     71.1%     Award < 1 yr22,261      Welding/Soldering
46.0504Well Drilling/Driller18     -80.2%     Award < 1 yr12      Drilling
05.0114Western European Studies70     -34.0%     Award < 1 yr33      Area Studies
43.0206Wildland/Forest Firefighting and Investigation38     171.4%     Associate's19      Fire Safety
26.0709Wildlife Biology477     43.7%     Bachelor's446      Biological/Life Science
03.0601Wildlife, Fish and Wildlands Science and Management2,039     22.7%     Bachelor's1,475      Forestry and Conservation
12.0510Wine Steward/Sommelier110     -12.0%     Award < 1 yr104      Food Service and Lodging Management
51.3822Women's Health Nurse/Nursing156     -6.6%     Master's141      Nursing
39.0704Women's Ministry11     -79.2%     Award < 1 yr4      Clergy/Religious Workers
05.0207Women's Studies2,006     3.2%     Bachelor's1,410      Area Studies
03.0509Wood Science and Wood Products/Pulp and Paper Technology98     -22.2%     Bachelor's69      Forestry and Conservation
50.0915Woodwind Instruments121     9.0%     Master's61      Music
48.0701Woodworking, General110     27.9%     Award < 1 yr83      Woodworking
48.0799Woodworking, Other75     44.2%     Associate's41      Woodworking
11.0602Word Processing73     -71.5%     Award < 1 yr72      Office Clerical
19.0000Work and Family Studies2     -99.0%     Master's2      Family and Consumer Sciences
23.1301Writing, General912     12.5%     Bachelor's600      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.3602Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy188     268.6%     Award < 1 yr110      All Other Therapy
39.0702Youth Ministry632     -6.8%     Bachelor's551      Clergy/Religious Workers
44.0702Youth Services/Administration262     279.7%     Bachelor's115      Social Work
26.0701Zoology/Animal Biology1,892     0.7%     Bachelor's1,558      Biological/Life Science
26.0799Zoology/Animal Biology, Other23     155.6%     Master's16      Biological/Life Science
 Note: N/A indicates data not available.
Source: National Center for Educational Statistics, Degrees Conferred 2015-16
An individual with a double-major (receiving two degrees) is counted as a completer for their primary degree program.