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Occupational Supply Demand
Programs of Study and Training
CompletersMost Freq. Award
CIP CodeCIP TitleNumber 2019Change 2015-19Title 2019Number 2019Unit of Analysis
52.0301Accounting356     -9.4%     Bachelor's207      Accounting
52.0305Accounting and Business/Management1     0.0%     Bachelor's1      Accounting
52.0304Accounting and Finance1     -66.7%     Master's1      Accounting
52.0302Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping1     N/A     Associate's1      Bookkeeping
52.1304Actuarial Science12     N/A     Bachelor's12      Actuarial Science
52.0401Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General20     11.1%     Associate's20      Secretarial
13.1201Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching0     N/A     Associate's0      Adult and Continuing Education
49.0101Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, General9     28.6%     Bachelor's9      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
12.0409Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist41     156.3%     Award < 1 yr41      Barbering/Cosmetology
05.0201African-American/Black Studies0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Area Studies
01.0401Agricultural and Food Products Processing6     200.0%     Associate's6      Agricultural Services and Supplies
01.0101Agricultural Business and Management, General23     -4.2%     Bachelor's16      Farming
01.0301Agricultural Production Operations, General7     133.3%     Associate's7      Farming
13.1301Agricultural Teacher Education1     -75.0%     Master's1      Secondary and Vocational Education
01.0000Agriculture, General55     48.6%     Bachelor's53      Agricultural/Food Sciences
47.0608Aircraft Powerplant Technology/Technician5     -75.0%     Award < 1 yr5      Aircraft Mechanics
47.0607Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology/Technician7     -68.2%     Associate's6      Aircraft Mechanics
27.0102Algebra and Number Theory0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Mathematics
05.0102American/United States Studies/Civilization7     -22.2%     Master's7      Area Studies
26.0403Anatomy50     N/A     Master's50      Biological/Life Science
01.0901Animal Sciences, General23     -25.8%     Bachelor's17      Agricultural/Food Sciences
10.0304Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects24     4.3%     Bachelor's17      Digital Graphics
45.0201Anthropology10     -37.5%     Bachelor's10      Anthropology and Archeology
19.0901Apparel and Textiles, General88     7.3%     Bachelor's88      Clothing Production
01.0601Applied Horticulture/Horticulture Operations, General4     33.3%     Associate's4      Garden and Landscaping Services
27.0301Applied Mathematics, General15     -16.7%     Doctor's research7      Mathematics
15.0101Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician16     -27.3%     Associate's16      All Other Engineering Technology
50.0703Art History, Criticism and Conservation17     13.3%     Master's8      Archival Science
13.1302Art Teacher Education0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0701Art/Art Studies, General3     0.0%     Bachelor's3      Arts and Crafts
05.0103Asian Studies/Civilization5     66.7%     Bachelor's5      Area Studies
40.0201Astronomy1     N/A     Bachelor's1      Physics/Astronomy
51.0913Athletic Training/Trainer17     -15.0%     Bachelor's17      Athletic Training
40.0401Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, General3     200.0%     Bachelor's3      Atmospheric/Space Science
47.0604Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician38     11.8%     Associate's24      Automobile Mechanics
49.0104Aviation/Airway Management and Operations0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
12.0501Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef19     26.7%     Award 1 to < 2 yr19      Baking
12.0402Barbering/Barber17     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr17      Barbering/Cosmetology
51.2212Behavioral Aspects of Health124     53.1%     Bachelor's124      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
30.1701Behavioral Sciences198     -20.2%     Bachelor's198      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
26.0202Biochemistry24     -42.9%     Bachelor's24      Biological/Life Science
26.0210Biochemistry and Molecular Biology4     100.0%     Bachelor's4      Biological/Life Science
14.0501Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering66     34.7%     Bachelor's53      Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
26.1103Bioinformatics11     37.5%     Master's7      Computer Systems
26.9999Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other8     166.7%     Bachelor's8      Biological/Life Science
13.1322Biology Teacher Education6     500.0%     Bachelor's6      Secondary and Vocational Education
41.0101Biology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician3     0.0%     Associate's3      Biological Technology
26.0101Biology/Biological Sciences, General221     19.5%     Bachelor's182      Biological/Life Science
26.0102Biomedical Sciences, General3     N/A     Master's2      Medical Science
15.0401Biomedical Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Medical Equipment Repair
26.1201Biotechnology7     250.0%     Master's4      Biological/Life Science
52.0201Business Administration and Management, General985     17.3%     Master's490      Business Management and Administration
52.1302Business Statistics5     N/A     Doctor's research5      Mathematics
52.0101Business/Commerce, General58     163.6%     Associate's38      Business Management and Administration
52.0601Business/Managerial Economics2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Economics
52.0407Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data Entry0     N/A     Associate's0      Data Entry
15.1302CAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/Technician5     -28.6%     Associate's5      Drafting
14.0701Chemical Engineering117     5.4%     Bachelor's84      Chemical Engineering
41.0301Chemical Technology/Technician16     300.0%     Associate's14      Chemical Technology
13.1323Chemistry Teacher Education2     0.0%     Bachelor's2      Secondary and Vocational Education
40.0501Chemistry, General83     102.4%     Bachelor's44      Chemistry
40.0599Chemistry, Other7     600.0%     Bachelor's7      Chemistry
16.0301Chinese Language and Literature2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
50.0602Cinematography and Film/Video Production8     300.0%     Bachelor's8      Communication Technologies
15.0201Civil Engineering Technology/Technician17     142.9%     Associate's17      Civil Engineering Technology
14.0801Civil Engineering, General104     -18.8%     Bachelor's76      Civil Engineering
51.1005Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist25     -24.2%     Bachelor's25      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
51.0802Clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant5     -61.5%     Associate's5      Medical Laboratory Technician
30.2501Cognitive Science66     3.1%     Bachelor's66      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
50.0402Commercial and Advertising Art8     -38.5%     Associate's8      Design
09.0100Communication, General8     N/A     Bachelor's8      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
09.9999Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
10.0105Communications Technology/Technician15     7.1%     Associate's15      Communication Technologies
16.0104Comparative Literature0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Liberal Arts and Humanities
26.1104Computational Biology3     -25.0%     Bachelor's3      Biological/Life Science
11.0101Computer and Information Sciences, General173     -35.7%     Bachelor's78      Computer Systems
11.1003Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance489     317.9%     Master's360      Computer Systems
15.1299Computer Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other3     N/A     Associate's3      Electrical/Electronic Technology
15.1201Computer Engineering Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Electrical/Electronic Technology
14.0901Computer Engineering, General99     50.0%     Bachelor's43      Computer Engineering
11.0803Computer Graphics26     18.2%     Bachelor's26      Digital Graphics
11.0701Computer Science9     50.0%     Bachelor's8      Computer Systems
11.0899Computer Software and Media Applications, Other20     N/A     Bachelor's20      Digital Graphics
14.0903Computer Software Engineering0     -100.0%     Master's0      Computer Engineering
11.1006Computer Support Specialist3     0.0%     Associate's3      Computer Systems
11.0901Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications12     20.0%     Associate's12      Computer Systems
15.1202Computer Technology/Computer Systems Technology1     -87.5%     Associate's1      Electrical/Electronic Technology
11.1099Computer/Information Technology Services Administration and Management, Other16     N/A     Master's16      Computer Systems
52.2001Construction Management14     75.0%     Associate's14      Construction Management
49.0202Construction/Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving Equipment Operation7     N/A     Award < 1 yr7      Construction and Heavy Equipment Operation
12.0500Cooking and Related Culinary Arts, General3     -50.0%     Award < 1 yr2      Chef
43.0102Corrections2     N/A     Award < 1 yr2      Law Enforcement
43.0199Corrections and Criminal Justice, Other85     112.5%     Master's74      Law Enforcement
12.0413Cosmetology, Barber/Styling, and Nail Instructor6     100.0%     Award < 1 yr6      Barbering/Cosmetology
12.0401Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, General114     -38.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr114      Barbering/Cosmetology
13.1101Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services67     -42.7%     Master's67      Student Counseling
43.0103Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration136     -31.7%     Bachelor's125      Law Enforcement
43.0107Criminal Justice/Police Science86     -32.8%     Associate's86      Law Enforcement
43.0104Criminal Justice/Safety Studies18     N/A     Bachelor's17      Law Enforcement
45.0401Criminology167     0.6%     Bachelor's161      Sociology
43.0302Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management7     -41.7%     Master's5      Emergency Management
12.0503Culinary Arts/Chef Training35     29.6%     Associate's35      Chef
13.0301Curriculum and Instruction124     20.4%     Master's116      Instructional Design
51.0601Dental Assisting/Assistant61     -22.8%     Award < 1 yr31      Dental Assisting
51.0602Dental Hygiene/Hygienist25     19.0%     Associate's25      Dental Hygiene
50.0499Design and Applied Arts, Other2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Design
50.0401Design and Visual Communications, General28     -12.5%     Bachelor's28      Design
51.0910Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician10     -33.3%     Associate's10      Diagnostic Medical Sonography
51.3101Dietetics/Dietitian60     -6.3%     Bachelor's60      Dietetics/Nutrition
50.0102Digital Arts0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Digital Graphics
09.0702Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia26     30.0%     Bachelor's11      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
13.1210Early Childhood Education and Teaching61     -17.6%     Bachelor's36      Preschool Education
13.1337Earth Science Teacher Education0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
05.0104East Asian Studies0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Area Studies
26.1301Ecology2     -33.3%     Master's2      Biological/Life Science
52.0208E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Business Management and Administration
45.0603Econometrics and Quantitative Economics15     -6.3%     Master's8      Economics
45.0601Economics, General162     50.0%     Bachelor's137      Economics
45.0699Economics, Other9     350.0%     Bachelor's5      Economics
13.0101Education, General113     -1.7%     Bachelor's71      Education
13.1017Education/Teaching of Individuals in Elementary Special Education Programs5     25.0%     Bachelor's5      Special Education
13.1004Education/Teaching of the Gifted and Talented7     133.3%     Master's7      Education
13.0499Educational Administration and Supervision, Other0     -100.0%     Master's0      Educational Administration
13.0401Educational Leadership and Administration, General113     85.2%     Doctor's research84      Educational Administration
13.0404Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision29     N/A     Master's29      Educational Administration
13.0501Educational/Instructional Technology76     2.7%     Master's70      Instructional Design
15.0399Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other17     -34.6%     Associate's17      Electrical/Electronic Technology
14.1001Electrical and Electronics Engineering61     69.4%     Bachelor's52      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
15.0303Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Electrical/Electronic Technology
47.0199Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology, Other6     N/A     Award < 1 yr6      Appliance/Equipment Repair
46.0302Electrician24     N/A     Award < 1 yr24      Electrical
15.0499Electromechanical and Instrumentation and Maintenance Technologies/Technicians, Other22     2100.0%     Award < 1 yr22      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
15.0403Electromechanical Technology/Electromechanical Engineering Technology5     66.7%     Associate's5      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
13.1202Elementary Education and Teaching337     -4.8%     Bachelor's223      Elementary Education
40.0804Elementary Particle Physics0     N/A     Master's0      Physics/Astronomy
51.0904Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)8     -27.3%     Associate's8      Emergency Medical Technology
15.0503Energy Management and Systems Technology/Technician3     -57.1%     Associate's3      All Other Engineering Technology
14.1201Engineering Physics/Applied Physics17     142.9%     Bachelor's17      All Other Engineering
15.0000Engineering Technology, General0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      All Other Engineering Technology
15.1599Engineering-Related Fields, Other10     -9.1%     Doctor's research7      All Other Engineering Technology
23.0101English Language and Literature, General105     -19.8%     Bachelor's97      Liberal Arts and Humanities
23.9999English Language and Literature/Letters, Other0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Liberal Arts and Humanities
13.1305English/Language Arts Teacher Education18     -50.0%     Bachelor's18      Secondary and Vocational Education
26.0702Entomology5     -50.0%     Bachelor's2      Biological/Life Science
52.0701Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies41     105.0%     Bachelor's22      Business Management and Administration
15.0507Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology6     20.0%     Associate's6      Environmental Technology
03.0104Environmental Science41     -10.9%     Bachelor's40      Environmental Science
03.0103Environmental Studies24     0.0%     Bachelor's24      Environmental Science
14.1401Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering27     -15.6%     Bachelor's27      Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering
05.0106European Studies/Civilization1     N/A     Bachelor's1      Area Studies
26.0908Exercise Physiology4     300.0%     Doctor's research4      Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
19.0101Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences, General0     -100.0%     Master's0      Family and Consumer Sciences
51.3805Family Practice Nurse/Nursing49     36.1%     Master's49      Nursing
50.0407Fashion/Apparel Design19     -29.6%     Bachelor's15      Fashion Design
52.0801Finance, General436     6.3%     Bachelor's289      Finance and Financial Management Services
52.0804Financial Planning and Services21     2000.0%     Bachelor's21      Financial Planning
50.1002Fine and Studio Arts Management3     200.0%     Bachelor's3      Arts and Crafts
50.0799Fine Arts and Art Studies, Other4     -55.6%     Associate's4      Arts and Crafts
50.0702Fine/Studio Arts, General37     0.0%     Bachelor's28      Arts and Crafts
43.0201Fire Prevention and Safety Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Fire Safety
01.1001Food Science15     25.0%     Bachelor's11      Agricultural/Food Sciences
19.0501Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies, General23     4.5%     Bachelor's23      Dietetics/Nutrition
13.1306Foreign Language Teacher Education0     N/A     Master's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
16.0101Foreign Languages and Literatures, General7     -82.5%     Master's7      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.9999Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Other10     25.0%     Bachelor's7      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.0901French Language and Literature1     N/A     Bachelor's1      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1325French Language Teacher Education0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0411Game and Interactive Media Design0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Digital Graphics
24.0102General Studies270     -34.9%     Associate's267      Liberal Arts and Humanities
45.0702Geographic Information Science and Cartography1     N/A     Master's1      Surveying/Cartography
45.0701Geography11     -35.3%     Bachelor's7      Geography
40.0601Geology/Earth Science, General12     -40.0%     Bachelor's7      Earth Science
51.3821Geriatric Nurse/Nursing1     -80.0%     Master's1      Nursing
16.0501German Language and Literature2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Foreign Languages and Literatures
50.0409Graphic Design3     -82.4%     Associate's3      Digital Graphics
51.0799Health and Medical Administrative Services, Other0     N/A     Master's0      Medical Services Management
31.0501Health and Physical Education/Fitness, General0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
51.0001Health and Wellness, General9     N/A     Master's9      Community Health Work
51.0707Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician39     105.3%     Award < 1 yr25      Medical Records
51.9999Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other12     -33.3%     Bachelor's12      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
51.0000Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General105     81.0%     Bachelor's105      Community Health Work
51.0701Health/Health Care Administration/Management273     26.4%     Master's270      Medical Services Management
51.0715Health/Medical Claims Examiner0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Insurance
47.0201Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology/Technician25     4.2%     Award < 1 yr16      Air Conditioning/Heating Installation/Repair
13.0406Higher Education/Higher Education Administration21     0.0%     Doctor's research21      Educational Administration
51.1007Histologic Technology/Histotechnologist6     0.0%     Associate's6      Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
30.1201Historic Preservation and Conservation19     -13.6%     Master's10      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
30.1299Historic Preservation and Conservation, Other0     -100.0%     Doctor's research0      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
13.1328History Teacher Education15     0.0%     Bachelor's15      Secondary and Vocational Education
54.0101History, General63     -35.7%     Bachelor's57      History
43.0301Homeland Security27     -15.6%     Master's27      Emergency Management
43.9999Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Related Protective Services, Other0     -100.0%     Master's0      Law Enforcement
52.0901Hospitality Administration/Management, General9     -35.7%     Bachelor's5      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0999Hospitality Administration/Management, Other12     -29.4%     Master's12      Food Service and Lodging Management
52.0904Hotel/Motel Administration/Management85     3.7%     Bachelor's85      Food Service and Lodging Management
19.0701Human Development and Family Studies, General7     40.0%     Master's5      Family and Consumer Sciences
19.0504Human Nutrition6     0.0%     Master's6      Dietetics/Nutrition
52.1001Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General51     -44.6%     Bachelor's40      Human Resources Management
44.0000Human Services, General349     3.3%     Associate's162      Social Work
15.1103Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology/Technician9     N/A     Associate's9      All Other Engineering Technology
50.0410Illustration5     -54.5%     Associate's5      Arts and Crafts
47.0303Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology1     N/A     Award < 1 yr1      Industrial Machinery Repair
52.1206Information Resources Management129     -19.9%     Master's93      Computer Systems
11.0401Information Science/Studies18     -14.3%     Master's17      Computer Systems
11.0103Information Technology15     650.0%     Bachelor's9      Computer Systems
11.1005Information Technology Project Management23     N/A     Master's23      Computer Systems
12.0508Institutional Food Workers3     N/A     Award < 1 yr3      Food Preparation
15.0404Instrumentation Technology/Technician6     N/A     Associate's6      Electromechanical Equipment/Instrument Production/Repair
50.0408Interior Design2     -88.9%     Associate's2      Interior Design
52.1101International Business/Trade/Commerce68     3.0%     Master's38      Business Management and Administration
45.0901International Relations and Affairs59     -1.7%     Bachelor's59      Political Science
30.2001International/Global Studies1     -50.0%     Bachelor's1      Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
16.0902Italian Language and Literature1     0.0%     Bachelor's1      Foreign Languages and Literatures
16.0302Japanese Language and Literature7     N/A     Bachelor's7      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1203Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching14     250.0%     Bachelor's14      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0907Keyboard Instruments0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Music
13.1209Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching41     5.1%     Associate's41      Preschool Education
31.0505Kinesiology and Exercise Science264     -2.2%     Bachelor's256      Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
04.0601Landscape Architecture6     20.0%     Bachelor's6      Landscape Architecture
01.0605Landscaping and Groundskeeping0     -100.0%     Master's0      Garden and Landscaping Services
15.0304Laser and Optical Technology/Technician0     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      All Other Engineering Technology
05.0107Latin American Studies1     0.0%     Bachelor's1      Area Studies
22.0301Legal Administrative Assistant/Secretary1     -66.7%     Associate's1      Legal Secretarial
22.0302Legal Assistant/Paralegal48     92.0%     Bachelor's23      Legal Assisting
22.0000Legal Studies, General8     N/A     Bachelor's8      Legal Services
24.0199Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other21     -36.4%     Bachelor's21      Liberal Arts and Humanities
24.0101Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies153     466.7%     Associate's91      Liberal Arts and Humanities
51.3901Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training65     30.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr65      LPN
16.0102Linguistics11     -45.0%     Bachelor's5      Foreign Languages and Literatures
52.0203Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management5     N/A     Associate's5      Transportation, Storage and Distribution Management
48.0503Machine Shop Technology/Assistant5     150.0%     Award < 1 yr5      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
48.0501Machine Tool Technology/Machinist0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Metal/Plastic Machine Work
52.1201Management Information Systems, General46     -53.1%     Bachelor's46      Computer Systems
52.1399Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Other17     N/A     Master's17      Quantitative Business Analysis
26.1302Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography39     44.4%     Bachelor's20      Biological/Life Science
49.0309Marine Science/Merchant Marine Officer0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Water Transportation
52.1401Marketing/Marketing Management, General268     5.1%     Bachelor's246      Marketing Management and Research
09.0102Mass Communication/Media Studies77     35.1%     Bachelor's77      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.3501Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage87     -20.9%     Award < 1 yr87      Massage
12.0414Master Aesthetician/Esthetician45     73.1%     Award < 1 yr45      Barbering/Cosmetology
40.1001Materials Science18     20.0%     Doctor's research12      Materials Science
13.1311Mathematics Teacher Education23     -8.0%     Bachelor's13      Secondary and Vocational Education
27.0101Mathematics, General35     -43.5%     Bachelor's27      Mathematics
15.1306Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD4     -20.0%     Associate's4      Drafting
14.1901Mechanical Engineering185     48.0%     Bachelor's159      Mechanical Engineering
15.0805Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Technology/Technician28     27.3%     Associate's19      Mechanical Engineering Technology
51.0713Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder28     -30.0%     Award 1 to < 2 yr18      Medical Records
51.0705Medical Office Management/Administration20     N/A     Award < 1 yr20      Clerical Supervision and Management
51.0801Medical/Clinical Assistant284     -45.7%     Award < 1 yr149      Medical Assisting
51.1508Mental Health Counseling/Counselor27     0.0%     Master's27      Counseling
50.0902Music History, Literature, and Theory0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
50.0903Music Performance, General2     -66.7%     Bachelor's2      Music
13.1312Music Teacher Education28     -9.7%     Bachelor's28      Secondary and Vocational Education
50.0901Music, General42     31.3%     Master's27      Music
50.0999Music, Other2     0.0%     Bachelor's2      Music
12.0410Nail Technician/Specialist and Manicurist26     766.7%     Award < 1 yr26      Barbering/Cosmetology
03.0204Natural Resource Economics5     66.7%     Master's5      Economics
03.0199Natural Resources Conservation and Research, Other22     -37.1%     Master's11      Forestry and Conservation
03.0201Natural Resources Management and Policy6     -66.7%     Bachelor's6      Forestry and Conservation
26.1501Neuroscience79     51.9%     Bachelor's71      Biological/Life Science
51.0905Nuclear Medical Technology/Technologist5     -16.7%     Associate's5      Nuclear Medical Technology
51.3902Nursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant/Aide64     -26.4%     Award < 1 yr64      Nurse Assisting
51.3817Nursing Education0     -100.0%     Master's0      Nursing
51.3818Nursing Practice33     -92.2%     Doctor's research29      Nursing
51.3808Nursing Science0     -100.0%     Doctor's research0      Nursing
30.1901Nutrition Sciences5     150.0%     Bachelor's5      Dietetics/Nutrition
51.0803Occupational Therapist Assistant20     -13.0%     Associate's20      Occupational Therapy Assisting
51.2306Occupational Therapy/Therapist21     N/A     Master's18      Occupational Therapy
14.2401Ocean Engineering3     N/A     Doctor's research2      All Other Engineering
40.0607Oceanography, Chemical and Physical1     0.0%     Doctor's research1      Earth Science
52.0204Office Management and Supervision12     -29.4%     Associate's7      Clerical Supervision and Management
52.0205Operations Management and Supervision35     59.1%     Bachelor's35      Line Supervision
14.3701Operations Research0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Quantitative Business Analysis
51.1899Ophthalmic and Optometric Support Services and Allied Professions, Other7     N/A     Award < 1 yr7      Medical Assisting
40.0807Optics/Optical Sciences3     -25.0%     Master's3      Physics/Astronomy
52.1003Organizational Behavior Studies76     -62.2%     Bachelor's76      Human Resources Management
52.0213Organizational Leadership257     2755.6%     Master's257      Business Management and Administration
51.0805Pharmacy Technician/Assistant0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Pharmacy Support
38.0101Philosophy9     28.6%     Bachelor's9      Philosophy and Religion
38.9999Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Philosophy and Religion
10.0201Photographic and Film/Video Technology/Technician and Assistant1     -90.0%     Bachelor's1      Communication Technologies
50.0605Photography10     -50.0%     Associate's10      Photography
09.0404Photojournalism0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
13.1314Physical Education Teaching and Coaching6     -45.5%     Bachelor's6      Secondary and Vocational Education
31.0507Physical Fitness Technician0     -100.0%     Award < 1 yr0      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
51.0806Physical Therapy Technician/Assistant23     27.8%     Associate's23      Physical Therapy Assisting
51.2308Physical Therapy/Therapist51     -36.3%     Doctor's prof prac50      Physical Therapy
13.1329Physics Teacher Education0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
40.0801Physics, General58     190.0%     Bachelor's41      Physics/Astronomy
01.1105Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1101Plant Sciences, General15     25.0%     Bachelor's10      Agricultural/Food Sciences
01.1199Plant Sciences, Other5     -16.7%     Master's5      Agricultural/Food Sciences
46.0503Plumbing Technology/Plumber4     N/A     Award < 1 yr4      Plumbing
45.1001Political Science and Government, General143     10.9%     Bachelor's131      Political Science
45.1099Political Science and Government, Other0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Political Science
51.3999Practical Nursing, Vocational Nursing and Nursing Assistants, Other30     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr30      LPN
22.0001Pre-Law Studies7     -65.0%     Bachelor's7      Legal Services
10.0303Prepress/Desktop Publishing and Digital Imaging Design0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Desktop Publishing Equipment Operation
51.1104Pre-Veterinary Studies57     35.7%     Bachelor's57      Miscellaneous Medical Programs
13.1335Psychology Teacher Education2     100.0%     Bachelor's2      Secondary and Vocational Education
42.0101Psychology, General206     -38.7%     Bachelor's205      Psychology
44.0401Public Administration52     62.5%     Master's52      Public Administration
51.2207Public Health Education and Promotion0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Community Health Work
51.2201Public Health, General38     375.0%     Bachelor's24      Medical Services Management
44.0501Public Policy Analysis, General28     40.0%     Bachelor's28      Public Administration
09.0900Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication11     N/A     Bachelor's11      Advertising/Public Relations
52.0202Purchasing, Procurement/Acquisitions and Contracts Management0     N/A     Associate's0      Business Management and Administration
09.0701Radio and Television2     -75.0%     Bachelor's2      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
10.0202Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Communication Technologies
51.0911Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiographer23     -11.5%     Associate's23      Medical Radiologic Technology
13.1315Reading Teacher Education32     -13.5%     Master's32      Secondary and Vocational Education
51.3899Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing, Other0     -100.0%     Master's0      Nursing
51.3801Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse1,123     78.5%     Bachelor's783      Nursing
42.2799Research and Experimental Psychology, Other146     N/A     Bachelor's135      Psychology
51.0812Respiratory Therapy Technician/Assistant9     -47.1%     Associate's9      Respiratory Therapy
12.0504Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Food Service and Lodging Management
16.0402Russian Language and Literature0     N/A     Bachelor's0      Foreign Languages and Literatures
42.2805School Psychology10     0.0%     Master's10      Psychology
13.1316Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
41.9999Science Technologies/Technicians, Other7     75.0%     Associate's7      Science Technologies
13.1205Secondary Education and Teaching20     -28.6%     Master's20      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.1317Social Science Teacher Education0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.1318Social Studies Teacher Education1     -50.0%     Bachelor's1      Secondary and Vocational Education
44.0701Social Work77     1.3%     Bachelor's44      Social Work
45.1101Sociology41     10.8%     Bachelor's35      Sociology
01.1201Soil Science and Agronomy, General0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Agricultural/Food Sciences
15.0505Solar Energy Technology/Technician1     -50.0%     Associate's1      All Other Engineering Technology
16.0905Spanish Language and Literature17     N/A     Bachelor's17      Foreign Languages and Literatures
13.1330Spanish Language Teacher Education2     -33.3%     Bachelor's2      Secondary and Vocational Education
13.1001Special Education and Teaching, General109     4.8%     Master's109      Special Education
13.1099Special Education and Teaching, Other0     -100.0%     Bachelor's0      Special Education
09.0101Speech Communication and Rhetoric138     1.5%     Bachelor's130      Communications, Journalism and Broadcasting
51.0203Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist22     N/A     Master's22      Speech Pathology/Audiology
31.0504Sport and Fitness Administration/Management94     3.3%     Bachelor's85      Health, Physical Education and Fitness
27.0501Statistics, General39     11.4%     Master's30      Mathematics
51.1501Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling42     -4.5%     Associate's39      Counseling
51.0909Surgical Technology/Technologist15     -37.5%     Award 1 to < 2 yr10      Surgical Technology
52.1601Taxation6     N/A     Master's6      Accounting
13.1501Teacher Assistant/Aide0     N/A     Award 1 to < 2 yr0      Teaching Assisting
13.1206Teacher Education, Multiple Levels6     100.0%     Associate's4      Education
13.1401Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor7     -74.1%     Master's7      Education
13.1320Trade and Industrial Teacher Education1     N/A     Bachelor's1      Secondary and Vocational Education
49.0205Truck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operator and Instructor37     -14.0%     Award < 1 yr36      Truck and Bus Driving
01.0607Turf and Turfgrass Management0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Garden and Landscaping Services
13.0410Urban Education and Leadership27     -22.9%     Bachelor's27      Educational Administration
45.1201Urban Studies/Affairs13     -27.8%     Master's7      Urban/Regional Planning
51.0808Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant9     50.0%     Associate's9      Veterinary Assisting/Technology
50.9999Visual and Performing Arts, Other2     N/A     Bachelor's2      Miscellaneous Arts Programs
50.0908Voice and Opera2     -66.7%     Bachelor's2      Music
15.0506Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment Management and Recycling Technology/Technician0     -100.0%     Associate's0      Water and Waste Treatment
14.0805Water Resources Engineering9     N/A     Master's7      Civil Engineering
11.0801Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design50     13.6%     Master's46      Digital Graphics
03.0601Wildlife, Fish and Wildlands Science and Management31     3.3%     Bachelor's31      Forestry and Conservation
05.0207Women's Studies11     120.0%     Bachelor's11      Area Studies
 Note: N/A indicates data not available.
Source: National Center for Educational Statistics, Degrees Conferred 2018-19
An individual with a double-major (receiving two degrees) is counted as a completer for their primary degree program.