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Occupational Patterns: Industry Distribution of Occupational Employment

13-2011 Accountants and auditors
Top 10 Industries By Employment, U.S.Occupation EmploymentPct of Occupation
in Industry
Ind CodeIndustry Title20182028Pct Chg
Total employment is presented for comparison purposes.Total employment1,424,0001,514,7006.4%     100.0%100.0%
541200Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services344,300366,2006.4%     24.2%24.2%
551000Management of companies and enterprises97,500104,0006.7%     6.8%6.9%
TE1100Self-employed workers94,70096,6002.0%     6.7%6.4%
999300Local government, excluding education and hospitals48,90051,6005.6%     3.4%3.4%
999200State government, excluding education and hospitals44,00044,5001.2%     3.1%2.9%
541600Management, scientific, and technical consulting services41,50050,40021.5%     2.9%3.3%
531000Real estate35,30038,4008.9%     2.5%2.5%
5220A1Credit intermediation and related activities (5221,3)31,00031,8002.4%     2.2%2.1%
523000Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities30,60032,1004.9%     2.1%2.1%
999100Federal government, excluding postal service24,40024,6000.5%     1.7%1.6%
Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; National Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix