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Job Development

The data presented in the EDEPS industry distribution of occupational employment help to reduce job search time and frictional unemployment.

Each EDEPS occupational/industry employment profile (main menu) identifies the detailed industries (i.e., 5-digit NAICS code) in which the occupational employment is concentrated. When coupled with the Business Finder (formerly called the Employer Locator Directory) in the EDEPS Links section, job developers derive an excellent list of firms for “cold calls” on behalf of their clients, that is, companies with employees in the occupation of interest already on the payroll, leading to future job openings in the occupation of interest due to replacement employment openings or job growth. Whenever job developers encounter a dearth of job orders for a specific occupation, the employer listings for “cold calls,” generated by the EDEPS link of the occupational/industry employment distribution and the Business Finder Directory of firms, sorted by industry and local area, provide a useful, complementary resource to facilitate job placements, when relevant, posted job orders in job banks are scarce. In effect, the EDEPS industry distributions of occupational employment, when linked with the Business Finder Directory, help to open the so-called “hidden job market” of non-posted employment opportunities.

Note: NAICS = North American Industry Classification System.