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Office Clerks, General

Certification Description
Medical Office Assistants typically perform administrative duties for health care providers in office settings, although some may also perform basic clinical tasks (as allowed by state laws). Their responsibilities will vary by employer, but may include answering telephones, greeting patients, updating and filing medical records, completing insurance forms, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, and handling billing or bookkeeping.

Certifying Organization
National Center for Competency Testing

Certification Details
● Education and Training Required? No
● Work Experience Required? No
● Oral or Written Exam Required? Yes
● Renewal Required? Every Year
● Renew through Continuing Educational Units (CEU)? Yes
● Renew through Re-Examination? No
● Renew through Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? No
● Does applicant have a choice of at least two options from above for renewal (CEU, CPD, or exam)? No

Nationally Certified Medical Office Assistant Website

Source: CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL).